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    Original Owner: Unknown
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Burning Star Saga: The Themes (According to A Viewer) · 1:50am Aug 10th, 2018

So yeah.. nearly done with Chapter 20 of Sundered Universes! You're probably going to love it, because of the final climactic battle, and more importantly... what it represents for Burning Star.

I recently talked with a dear friend and a fan of both me and my co-author Brady, and he has noticed something.

Each story of Burning Star Saga is somewhat similar to the mental stages that people go through as they mature and develop into an adult.

(Make sure to read the entire saga first before reading further!)

For example, when we first meet Burning Star he is immature, confused, and angry at a world that he believed wronged him. He never had time to grow up, since he was always on the move or King Sombra training him nonstop.

In Dark Star Of Shadows, Burning Star finally has a chance to grow up (mentally) and learn from a pony who had to grow up real fast as well, Twilight Sparkle. The reason the villain of that story is Sunset is because Sunset represents the envy he had for everypony he met being happy with their lives... while he wasn't.

Nightmare Ponyville is probably the most important story (although you have to read REALLY in between the lines to see this) but it shows how Burning Star adapts to changes and common stress. positive changes (being a father), negative changes (Sunset breaking free), and common stress (sibling rivalry, arrival of somepony unknown). Sunset is the final villain, but making the villain the Nightmare Tribe (AKA fear incarnate) represents the fear of change and how it could possibly shatter the reality he wants, so he must fight off his fears of friendship and find meaning in the madness of being part of a family.

Fires of Friendship and Ice of Hatred is the penultimate chapter of Burning Star's development, showing how friends that let him down have to come forth to save him from an invasion (The Windigos) that he couldn't use brute force to beat. Relying on others is one hard thing for him to do since he has lived the majority of his life in seclusion, sometimes physical, but ALWAYS mental.

Sundered Universes is the story where all the pecies fall into place, the Alicorn has a duty, he just doesn't get what it is yet. All his life, he has been fighting for himself or to preserve HIS relationship with HIS friends. He was selfish and short sighted.

When he met the Guardians of the Sun, he was overwhelmed with his own arrogance that he thought was physically, magically, and mentally better than them because he has fought bigger enemies.

the reason I made Midnight Sparkle the villain is because Midnight believed herself to be a god amongst ponies (which if we go by power level she was), but Burning Star is seeing a figurative reflection of his own ego and pride if it got out of control, and since his emotions can literally spawn other beings, it was entirely possible for that to happen.

Dark Star and Dawn Star are the final villains because they represent the painful reminders of his past. He created them at a time when he was low, where he felt as if he was hopeless, and at a time when he couldn't control his emotions.

that is why they are so powerful against him and many ponies. They are literally pure, unrestrained, and chaotic magical beings that can't exist unless they have a face to their own. I made it abundantly clear that Dark Star was a villain by his utterly grotesque appearance and that he was formed from Burning Star's worst nightmares (claws for hooves, blood red eyes, ghost fire)

Dawn Star is a being Burning Star wishes he could be, a white knight that can do no wrong. Dawn Star was dark on the inside due to repressing all his emotions, driving him insane, while Dark Star went mad due to his emotions being WAY out of control.

The Guardians of the Sun represent to him his best traits and traits that he should strive for. Bravery (Freedom), Understanding (Firestorm), and Reason (Noble Blade).

What do you think will happen? And what do think of my friends explanation?

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