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  • Sunday
    First Law Art!

    Is here! Warning, link contains spoilers for characters so if you aint caught up to this point then catch up then click. I commissioned Icy for a height breakdown of the characters and although it didnt end up perfectly. I still really liked how this turned out.

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  • 10 weeks
    Patreon Tier Additions.

    Link to patreon.
    Three higher tiers have been added for those who may be interested in something not covered by the old ones.

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  • 10 weeks
    Dungeons and Dragons DM looking for players. (Closed.)

    I'll be running a one off on roll d20 soonish, (aiming for the 26th) and I was looking for players who may wish to join. Experience not necessary, the game itself will take 1-2 (Plus a session 0) sittings depending on how things go. The level will be fairly low to start off (around level 5). All you do need is a microphone, and to be available at 2:00 PM Sunday Central Time. The length of

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  • 26 weeks
    Description of Born In Light Characters (WIP)

    This is a post wherein the descriptions of each character will be included, if they are different from cannon. For example, in this story Celestia, both personality wise, and appearance wise is the same as she is in canon. For that reason she will not be on this list, unlike Twilight who changes appearances multiple times.

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  • 42 weeks
    An update on requests, and extra updates.

    So, the extra updates I promised are a little more demanding then I first aniticipated, especially considering the extra requests I opened. So would you guys mind if I took back the promise for extra updates, or just had extra updates for infestation? I dont want to be that guy that promises one thing, and then does another, but I kinda shot myself in the foot here by overpromising because I

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Stud Princess Chapters 4-6 up on patreon! Also, news on a displaced fic! · 4:24am Aug 6th, 2018

You saw the title! So head on over there! Dont worry, they will all be up on fimfiction next saturday (chapters 1-8) Patrons just get a super early look at them.

Oh and the monthly suggestion thread will be up tommorrow so make sure you got your ideas ready!

As for the displaced fic it will be out on patron tommorrow or tuesday and out to the public probably around saturday, trying to decide if I want cover art or not.

Report Jest · 139 views · #news #patreon #suggestions
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Comments ( 2 )

Wheres the news on a displaced fic?

Whoopsie daisy, included that info on patreon but not here. Fixed!

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