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    Notice #1: No Im not dead. Notice #2: Well maybe, I'm not sure.

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    "When will the next chapter of TYSH be out you lazy SOB?"

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    Guys, I have some bad news

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Howdy do everypony · 8:19pm Oct 30th, 2012

Buena fortuna mi amiche. Well it looks like I've put this off for a little too long, but whatever, better late than never. I have heard your pleas and so I give you a new chapter of TYSH (coming soon). Its only been how long, a few months or so right?

MFW its been way too long:

I have to say I wanted to be able to get this out a long time ago I just didn't have the time. Okay that's a lie, I wanted to get this out before but midterms came up. Well I guess that's not true either per say, I procrastinated like a mofo and watched a copious amount of anime (but I did kick ass on my midterms). If you want to see what I've been doing since the last update just click the link.

So yeah, a little heads up about the chapter. It takes place during the Heart's Warming Eve play in season 2, and I do have to say I shoehorned in my story quite well into the canon of the show (totally not biased and completely humble). Its going to be around 6500 words, full of characterization, and full of feels. I'm going to try and finish it today... and fix up the part my co-writer wrote slightly inebriated...

On a slightly unrelated topic, Im getting a Ditzy plushy made for me! She's very adorable and looks very huggable. Pic related, its her.

and his dA page: [link] he does commissions.

So.... Well I guess that wraps up this blog post. Questions? Comments? Leave them anywhere or PM me and I'll answer them.

Fun fact of the day: Ron Swanson's appearance and character could have been based around my dad.

For Halloween:

It's Dinky but she's still part of the family, and she's adorable:

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Comments ( 30 )

Holy shit you're still amongst the living!
Congrats on your midterms and thank you for the update that finally we'll get the next chapter in TYSH in a day or so.


461435 I plan on finishing it and then my editor will have his way with it for awhile, but it shouldn't take that long.

MY ART, OMG 0///v///0

Glad to see your back.

You just brought back all the feels I had.

Clannad was amazing.

Glad to have you back.
Hope the break from writing was somewhat relaxing. :trixieshiftleft:


Well, I'm going to have to re-read. Been a while, but also SUPER excited to see this thing updating. :rainbowkiss:

Your Alive!


Speaking of Clannad, have you seen Kanon? Made by the same people.

461784 I have not, I might check it out.

Just a quick question from me, do you have any idea how many more chapters you plan to include in this fic? Certainly this won't be the last one and theres a few lose ends I don't think you could tie up in just 2 or three others, so i'm expecting a minimum of 5 more chapters, but i'd like to hear it from your mouth.

Lucky! You get a Ditzy plushie! I'm jelly.

461928 well when I did the calculation in my head it could easily go into the mid twenties

461928 Because I still have yet to make you feel the feel you never want to feel again


462316 So much gore, it was amazing

Don't judge me woman!

462577 I fully enjoyed all of Elfen Lied. Have you watched Steins;Gate?

What better time than Halloween to come back from the dead, eh? :rainbowdetermined2:

Never thought I'd be this happy for another man getting a pony, but dammit, no one deserves Ditzy more. Give her a snuggle (and happy ending) for me. :heart:


Your to late to do that, i\ve already loved and lost, you can't top that feel.

Your editor awaits the new chapter with eager anticipation.:twilightsmile:

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