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"Defend your clan, even with your life." - Warrior code, Warrior cats novel series

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    Abortion; the altar of convenience

    Warning; the images after 3:11 get very... bloody, gory, and dark. Video by Cross Examined.

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    Thought this was funny

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    On "invisible" people

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    On fear tactics and fear-preaching

    As I was being driven home from school today, one of the people in the car with me said that they didn't like one of my professors due to his "scare-tactic" preaching. While I believe we should love all people, this got me thinking.

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Again? · 7:59pm Jul 30th, 2018

Cortes... as an Aztec Great General...


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Somewhere, someone is possibly doing an outline for a Fiction, Steampunk themed, Alternative History novel; just because you shared that.
Hopefully someone more talented than me:derpytongue2:

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