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A fellow Brony, Bluthy (Don Bluth Fan), Dinosaur lover, G-Fan, and an animation student. I worked on fan fiction in Deviantart, and would like to submit them, revised, to you.

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Meadowbrooks Diary: A little Compassion... · 12:16pm Jul 30th, 2018

Against everyone else' judgement, I stayed behind to tend to this seemingly innocent creature. Wherever it came from, it was just like any child: lost and hungry. I've made some of my mama's finest recipes and the hungry caterpillar enjoyed it like there was no tomorrow. Her wounds were easily tended to, and she slept like a baby.

On the fifth day, I woke to find my guest gone. I followed her trail to a large brook and found her sound asleep again... In a massive coccoon. Several ponykind, calling themselves the Tagatu, surround it, bowing up and down while two ponies the size of Breezies stood ahead of them, singin' their hearts out.

Whatever my efforts have done, it'll be very much rewarded.

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