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I'm the guy with good ideas but lack the ability to turn them into stories. I'm also the guy that beta reads stories.

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Story idea: Rainbow Dash, come home · 6:10am Jul 19th, 2018

This idea is meant to be a sequel for Mysterious Mare Do Well Alternate Ending: Rainbow Dash Leaves

It had been three months after Rainbow Dash left Ponyville, and Scootaloo hasn't been herself since then. One day, while Twilight was at the market, she bumped into Applejack who said that seeing how long it has been since they're friend left, they might have to accept the fact that Rainbow Dash isn't coming back. Twilight, however, refused to believe it and stated that she will not give up on her. She and Applejack kept talking back and forth about they're mare-do-well scheme until Applejack stated that it was they're fault that she ran away and that they probably deserve to lose Rainbow Dash and also stated that the best thing to do now is to move on. Little did either of them know, was that Scootaloo was in the area and heard every single word that they said making her realize it was they're fault her hero was gone. After thinking long and hard, Scootaloo decided to take matters into her own hoofs, but not before leaving behind a note for her two friends.

Dear Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom,
I have discovered that Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie were Mare-do-Well the whole time, which means it was they're fault Rainbow Dash ran away in the first place. Which is why I've decided that I'm going out to find her and I'm not coming back until I do. I hate to leave you two behind without saying goodbye, but I knew you would try to stop me, and I don't wanna have a life without Rainbow Dash anymore. I hope that one day we'll all meet again someday. Until then, I will miss you two so much.
Love Scootaloo
PS: Cutiemark Crusaders Forever!!!

After reading the note, SB and AB went to show they're sisters and they're friends the note and expressed how angry they are at them. After having a conversation, Applejack says "We gotta find Scootaloo before she gets hurt, and then we're gonna do exactly what we should've done a long time ago." After searching high and low, they eventually find Scootaloo who appears to be unconscious. As the girls head back to Ponyville, Applejack (while carrying Scootaloo) went the opposite direction. One of them says "uh Applejack, Ponyville is this way." Applejack replies "We're not going to Ponyville. We're going to see Rainbow Dash."

They eventually found Rainbow Dash's new home in Van Hoover. At first, Rainbow Dash wasn't happy to see them and wanted them to leave, but her mind was changed when she noticed an unconscious Scootaloo and lead them inside. They took Scootaloo to Rainbow Dash's bedroom and laid her on RD's bed. While Twilight was using her magic to heal Scootaloo, the others explained to RD what happened. The girls decided to let RD and Scootaloo have they're reunion before they get a chance to explain themselves. Scootaloo regained consciousness in a room she was not familiar with. The door open to reveal RD. Scootaloo wanted to just jump and tackle RD with a tight hug but was still too weak from Twilight's healing spell. They then start a conversation:


Scootaloo: I was looking for you.

RD (in shock): you were... looking for me?

Scootaloo (in tears): yes! Mare-do-Well may have cool, but to me, she was just number two. You are my number one, always have been and always will be. And you're not just my hero, I loved you like you were my own sister. So when left Ponyville, I thought it meant you didn't care about me anymore.

As Scootaloo began to cry, RD's eyes began to well up tears as well after realizing how much she means to Scootaloo. She then wraps Scootaloo in a tight embrace

RD: shh, I'm here, Squirt, I'm here, shh

After having a touching moment with Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash went downstairs to talk with the others. They explained to her that they created Mare-do-Well to teach her a lesson about humility. Even though Rainbow Dash was beginning to understand why they did what they did, she was still upset at them for going behind her back. They admit that it was all a big mistake and apologized again and again for what they did and promises that they will try talking first before taking action. After thinking long and hard, Rainbow Dash decides to forgive them and promises that she would work on her ego. She tells them that she and Scootaloo will stay in Van Hoover for one more week and then she will come back to Ponyville. The mane five bids Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo farewell and tells them that they will be looking forward to seeing them again in Ponyville. Pinkie even claims that she will be throwing the biggest welcome back party in all of Equestria. The story ends with Scootaloo having to spend one whole week with her "sister" before going to Ponyville.

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I say go for it good sir.

I would if I could, but I am an editor and Idea giver, not an author. But if you can write it, go ahead.

Don't worry, certain someone out their will take up your idea.

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