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The True View Universe · 1:45am Jul 7th, 2018

Hey everyone, Polaris Solarmoon here, I got a very special au that I want to show you all, it is the True View Universe, this au takes place in the future many, many years from canon, so some things may be different.... Bios below

Windfeather Shy: a young pegasus/dragon hybrid who is said to be related to the Queen of Equestra, he and his mother are very close. He is the very first draconépony in existence. His father taught him how to control his chaotic magic.

Duskmoon Sparkle: A unicorn who's mother is a Princess, he is rather spoiled but after meeting Windfeather he's become more friendly.

Valencia Belle-Pie: An earth pony who choose to be a designer rather than a baker, she was adopted by two mares who loved each other.

Onix Belle-Pie: Valencia's younger brother, he is rather kind and enjoys helping his mothers.

Crystal Dash: a Pegasus who is known to be really shy despite her mother's personality and her father's pride, she may look delicate and fail but she's actually much stronger then her father and mother combined.

Melody Apple: A young earth pony who's shyness often gets her bulled, some ponies think it's odd that's she realated to a tough as nails Apple farmer and a stunt flyer.

That's all for now. I hope you like em.

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Windfeather Shy's Parents are Queen Fluttershy and King Discord.

Duskmoon Sparkle's mom is Twilight Sparkle, his dad is unknown but has been rumored to be someone his mother met.

Valencia and Onix's parents are Pinkie Pie and Rarity.

Crystal Dashes parents are Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh.

Melody Apple's mom is Applejack, her dad is rumored to be Soarin.

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