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Story advice · 9:50pm Jun 29th, 2018

So I had another story idea, shocker I know, but it's one that I had for a while. Without spoiling too much it's a Castlevania crossover, specifically with the Netflix version of Trevor Belmont. Not originally I had it as a displaced story, but it's self contained and rather averse to crossovers. I have another story idea that's the same, but unlike that one this story wouldn't be helped or hurt if it was a displaced. So should I just not make it one? I mean, it involves Trevor just popping into Equestria, but I could do that with the real Trevor as well as a displaced. I could make some bullshit excuse like "Dracula's curse" or whatever, or I could just have him pop in with no explanation.

Your thoughts?

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can we have a 2hu story? (this one is a good idea to tho)

Use Leon Belmont or Hector instead

Believe me, I'm working on it now. Which do you prefer though?

i prefer 2hu, but I could honestly go either way as long as it is a good story

No no, I meant the story I'm planning here. I already have a Touhou story, it's just been a while since I updated it.

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The reason I suggested Trevor is he's the one I'm most familiar with and the one I like the most so far. Castlevania is a series that I'm trying to get into but I haven't had the chance so far. I'm played the original, Order of Ecclesia, and Lament of Innocence (though I've yet to beat any of them).

But the real question is "Displaced, or genuine article"?

this story is a good idea :D

I'd go whit the one that gives you more freedom, If you know the source material to a T then go with real, if not then go with Displaced.

Leon is from Lament of Innocence.

I barely played it. Like, maybe 10 minutes.

Meh... Not really watched it yet, so I can't say I want it or not. Preferably I would want chapter updates on existing stories. But that's my opinion, so it's your call on what to do either way. :applejackunsure: :ajsmug:

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