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Just some weird idea. · 6:47pm Jun 24th, 2018

In Russia there a type of brony who refused to acknowledge anything beyond the first season as canon. They stubbornly believe that only Lauren Faust ideas are "one true canon" and that all seasons sans the first one are bad fanfics.
So I arguing with one of this about what parts of MLP are canon and what not and suddenly the idea struck me.
Basically, two parallel Equestria exist. First one is "Lauren!Equestria". In Lauren!Equestria Royal Sisters are goddesses, only two alicorns exist (Cadence either don't exist at all or just a pegasus/unicorn), Twilight doesn't have a brother, ponies incapable of manipulating things (and other "unhorse" things) with their hooves/manes/feathers, live in middle ages and so on. Pretty much all according to Lauren Faust plans.
And second "Hasbro!Equestria" - a current one.
Some very rough plot revolved around the idea that for some bizarre reasons Twilight from both universes swaps places and a running around trying to understand why is the world around them went crazy.

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Around the end of season 2 someone wrote a fic with this, where S1 Twilight was running around complaining of industrial age high-rises and Celestia not being a goddess anymore. It was kind of weird.

Huh... Well, not exactly what I imagined but still could be interesting to see it... Do you remember its name?

... Chatoyance... This explains so much. :)

UPD. Yes, exactly what I expected from Chatoyance. She a big fan of season one and even her version of Conversion Bureau builded around idealized first season with idealized ponies. And this whole fanfic all about how is second season and further so much worse that season one, and riddled with Chatoyance headcanon and exaggerations (like suddenly Twilight are many time more powerful that Celestia, for starters).

I'm my case I thinking more about culture shock and amazement, and less about "how is season X suck in comparison with season Y".

4889874 I'd love to read a sequel set in season 8 for laughs. It'd probably be some kind of dystopia.

I loved how suddenly Ponyvile reek of fuel and chemistry, market ponies try to rob everyone blind, mobile Ponyvile crane spewing foul smells and all the talking about how advanced technology lead to Bad Stuff. My reaction through whole fic more or less like "Yes! Yes! Let the butthurt flow through you!" :).

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