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  • 30 weeks
    What Next?

    Well, Super Stable 24 has been released.

    What would you guys like to see next for Beyond the Adventure?

    1 comments · 108 views
  • 43 weeks
    What's Next.

    Update: Super Stable 24 is currently being looked over by my editor. Chapter will be out this month, stay tuned.

    Finally, "The Fall of Sparkle World" is now up.

    So, What's next?

    Well, i've already settled on the next installment for Beyond the Adventure and is...

    Super Stable 24

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    2 comments · 169 views
  • 52 weeks
    Part 2 Inprogress


    Chapter given to editor. Will update once i get it back and read through it again.

    04/11/19, Resumed work on Fall of Sparkle World.

    I have just bought a brand new computer. Progress will be on hold until i've finished redownloading all my games and got it up to speed.

    Just let everyone know, I've started work on Part 2 of The Rise of Solaris,

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  • 63 weeks
    New Beyond the Adventure Story

    Been long enough now but i've finally got myself started on a new "Fallout Equestria: Influx - Beyond the Adventure" short.

    I know some of you want one featuring Xian but unfortunately i couldn't think of a good plot line involving her.
    So you get...

    Fallout Equestria: Influx
    Beyond the Adventure

    The Rise of Solaris


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    2 comments · 112 views
  • 71 weeks
    Waning as an MLP Fan

    As of now I no long like MLP like I used to. Season 8 was a huge disappointment with the introduction of Student 6 and disappointing finale where we didn't get Chrysalis real revenge attempt on Starlight, instead we got a filly, a FILLY mastermind a entire world magic drain and off screen trap Starlight. Nah. Season 9 had a good start but the continuity was ruined slightly with that Chrysalis's

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    7 comments · 147 views

My Pokemon OC · 6:29pm Jun 18th, 2018

Its been 8 years since i last drew my Pikachu OC. With the news of all the new Pokemon stuff and everything i felt like it was time i gave him some love again.

Wow its been a LONG time since i last actually drew ANYTHING.

Those of you who don't know him, Lex is a Sinnoh Pikachu with unique markings and had been on a pokemon journey with a trainer. He has been well trained giving him some strong offensive moves such as Thunder Punch, Thunderbolt, Electro Ball and Iron Tail. His uniqueness got the attention of a Team Rocket squad that was operating in Sinnoh and they tried to steal him but failed. He and his trainer also did all but one of the Kanto gym challenges until his trainer had to go back home, leaving all her pokemon behind, including him. This lead to him believing he had been abandoned by her which broke his heart and enraged him. He left Professor Oak's where her pokemon were being kept and willingly joined Team Rocket to which he now steals pokemon from trainers and happily causes trouble for Trainers as he has a distrust for Pokemon Trainers and he wants to cause them pain like his trainer caused him.

I think I might use him for a future story in the after Fallout Equestria: Influx. Would you like to see him in a future fic as a mischievous troublemaker?

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