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First (New) Plans for Tempest Shadow's multi-chapter fic are Set In Stone! · 6:37pm Jun 10th, 2018

Hello everypony and readers old and new! I was silent for a while, but I have used this time to come up with a (new) plan for my multi-chapter fic for Tempest Shadow, the last story from my Upcoming Stories list.
I was thinking about the location of Tempest Shadow's home village and did some research and analyzis to find out where it is, so that I can decide where Tempest Shadow ends up first in Equestria after leaving her village.
With the help of the updated version of the official map of Equestria (and the lands beyond) from the Movie Artbook and observations made in the Movie itself and in the Season 7 Finale, I could narrow the possibilities down to the Undiscovered West:

This is where Tempest Shadow's home village is located and from where she will start in my story. I have made first plans up to the point where she arrives in the first town after straying through the wilderness for a while.
Beyond that point, it is still a mystery to me what happens, but this first plan should allow me to write six or seven chapters, in addition to a prologue, before I have to plan it further, which leaves me plenty of time to come up with more before I have reached that point in the story.
With this, I am finally ready to start writing the actual story. I will begin to write the prologue tomorrow and definitely estimate to have it done in a few days.
I won't update my Upcoming Stories List with a new release date this time, as I'm not exactly sure yet on which day I will release it, but as long as no further disasters happens that make writing impossible for me, you can expect the release of the story sometime next week!
I hope you are still excited for this, the release of this story is finally almost upon us!

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Sounds like a good plan.

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