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  • Saturday
    I do a slep.

    I need da slep.

    I embrace da slep and go 2 bed.

    No earthquake to shake me awake like yesterday morning at 5 AM.

    Yes, that actually happened. Magnitude 3.7 just a few miles south from where I live, around the area that I moved from.

    Felt the aftershock, too.

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  • Friday
    What if i wrote a bittersweet story about the end of the universe as we know it?

    idk. I just watched a Youtube video explaining plausible ways that civilization could continue beyond the stellar era.

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  • Thursday
    It's that time again!

    Unread chapters ballooned from 71 to 94. Time to do some reading!

    EDIT: Whittled it back down to 78 for now. Even though I supposedly read 23 chapters in one sitting, many of the chapters I read are also tracked on my favorites list, thus essentially halving what I actually read.

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  • Wednesday

    That is all.

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  • Tuesday
    What would you like to see in Lab Horse: Redux?

    So... yeah, as opposed to the Wielder of the Orb reboot, Lab Horse: Redux isn't doing quite as well as I hoped it would. Standing at two likes and dislikes and being the more viewed out of the two stories, I tend to see early story likes/dislikes as a commentary on how people see the current story progression.

    That being said, what do y'all wanna see Gadget do next?

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Anybody wanna join a Discord server o' mine? · 10:41pm May 3rd, 2018

'Cause I just made one.

The server's mostly likely just gonna be for general discussion on topics such as stories and stuff. Plus it offers an alternative to Google Hangouts for those of whom I edit for.

Report TheMajorTechie · 69 views · #discord
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Comments ( 2 )

i would, but i cant. stupid school computer.

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