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I write foot stuff. Those of you who have ideas and suggestions, send as many as you want, I read them all, and may just write yours!

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Commissions and Stuff · 5:45am Apr 16th, 2018

Since I recently just finished a commission for some awesome villain-loving beast, I thought I'd put down what happens if you want to commission me!

Its 10 dollars per 1000 words, up to a max of 5k words per story. Simple as that.

I may not be able to write incredibly long sex stuff like Caroo or a few other great porn authors, but I refuse to write hastily or lazily. That's why commissions will take a varied amount of time. I may be heavily inspired on the same day you ask for a story, and write it within the day, or I may not be able to think of stuff for weeks on end. Just putting that out there.

Report lego3 · 264 views · Story: TwiSole Slavery · #commission #pony #porn #story
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