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Cloud of Treachery/Art Info · 3:25pm Mar 26th, 2018

The Cloud of Treachery AKA The Thundering Mist

Origin: One of the six side effects of the creation of the Elements of Harmony.

Bio: Not much about the cloud is know. It, like any other cloud is made of evaporated water and rains down on folks as well conduct lightning. What we do know is that if it starts to rain and the water has a bluish purple coloration...then go inside immediately. We still don't know what it does but once it starts to hover over a town, communication will go out. After that, the cloud rains for exactly three hours. Finally it leaves. Those who were inside remain in the area, but all other life forms will be gone. We still don't know what happens to them. We don't know if they're dead or not.

Danger Level: [Undetermined]

Art Request

No I'm not exactly asking for art. If you are an artist, that's great, if not, let me know if you know any. I'm basically wanting something other than my own art for the Side Effects story.
I'll be on later on a bit today just, be warned, I don't respond immediately. I've got stuff to do.
Anyway, here you go.

A changeling without holes in his body, a blue bowtie around his neck, blue circular glasses, and a strange bracelet high on his right front hoof. The background can be a grey gradient. The words Side Effects displayed. I grant the artist control over the pose but I do want him using his telekinesis to clean his glasses with a cloth. His expression can be calm or bored.

PM me if you are interested. I have an example you can work off of. Please include a link to previous works.

If you know any artists interested, PM me I'll get in touch.
(FYI I can't pay ya)

Comments ( 3 )

One of my OCs in my MLP story has the power to manipulate any type of magic, and at one point, he destroys the Elements of Harmony, piece by piece. Then he uses a chunk of the powerful magic from the Element of Friendship, to create a magic-proof helmet, to act like a shield.

Crazy stuff XD

But yeah, anyway, like your idea of these anti elements. 😊

Thank you. I'll read yours when I get the chance

You're welcome. 😄

Well, they're all incomplete at the moment, and I only have 5 parts of a 10 part story XD But you can read what I have in each part, if you want. 😊

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