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  • 278 weeks
    Status Update ON Royal Hunter

    Hey guys, for those that read the "Royal Hunter". I'm keeping this one short sweet and to the point so I can get back to it. My intention is to complete the next Chapter this week and hopefully get it through proofreading and Grammar checking ASAP after that. So I'm confident it'll be ready before February ends. Right now I'm looking back on Previous Chapters that I wrote to make sure I'm not

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  • 282 weeks
    Hey KH readers!

    just thought I'd let you guys know what I've been up to with the next CHapter since I've been quiet so far. To get straight to the point I didn't like what I was writing and ended up starting over kinda. I kept on what I liked if it could be helped, but the majority of it I had to do over. on the bright side, the fight scene I feel is pretty good, though I feel like I can push it further. I'm

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    (To the KH Readers) Good news, and kinda annoying news.

    Hey guys, things have been... interesting for me in RL and in trying to write this next chapter. I'm gonna get straight to the point and keep this short.

    The Good News:

    Chapter is complete. albeit alittle shorter then I would like.

    The Kinda Annoying news

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  • 300 weeks
    My brain is is empty.... (for the KH readers)

    So I figured I'd post this now, I'm staring at what I've written so far for the next chapter and I believe I've run at an impasse. let me remind those that might get worried, now I'm not gonna stop writing nor take a hiatus. With that said, let me tell you what's going on with my mind, right now:

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  • 309 weeks
    Update for the Readers of Harmonic Connections

    Hello Everyone, how ya been. I figured since I've been a little quiet lately about how the next Chapter is going I figured I let you know whats currently going on. That way you won't be left wondering how long its going to take.

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To those that read Harmonic Connections · 12:23am Mar 26th, 2018

Hello fellow KH fans and those that enjoy my KH story. I meant to post this in the Author’s notes of the latest CHapter, but I was kind of a zombie when I was posting it. So I decided to power this here: So a friend of mine and fellow reader, Daemonic Amid, Who also enjoys the story actually decided to make an audio of this very story. Naturally I geeked out and barely knew how to respond. But I have also decided to support him as much as I can so Here are the links of the Prologue and the 1st Chapter he just made. You don’t have to listen if That’s not your thing but I would very much appreciate it for those that do, and he also ask to critique to help him out in future chapters. Please PM him if you do and if you like it, give him a comment letting him know. You go Daemonic Amid! Rooting for ya!

Prologue: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1op5UWxU0b0sI8qECrUMMc3ClsYCngkJA/view?usp=sharing

Chapter 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Wjda_5LwrkmBbv5mdTwltUosZpMQe2GR/view?usp=sharing

Chapter 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k0aoMsfkvH8H77El_PnWrxMON9oPNboV/view?usp=sharing

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Once again thanks man!

Ooooo! That's amazing!

cool collaboration

Again if you listen to em' I'm looking for critique as well with how I can improve the audio, sound, or any additions that could be made to make it better with the next one.


where can i find the upcoming audio recordings of future chapters?

I'll most likely place in them in two places my own blog amd in the comments of harmonic connections itself. I'll let people know when it is up. I'll also be sending them to Curious Writer as well.


let me know when chapter two is ready, that is one i have wanted to hear via audio recording

I've had less free time due to projects for my final semester but the moment I'm done with them I'll be good to work on the next chapter, with free time it should take me about a week at max and 3 days at minimum if I work in overdrive mode. Again when I'm finished and posted them on google drive check the stories comments, and my personal blog on the site. Other than that if you listened to the other two, mind telling me your opinion on it? Specifically audio quality for the music and my voice audio levels. Always trying to improve on stuff. And thanks for responding!

And another it shall be a soon as I can!

Just thought I'd say that I'm working on chapter 2 of the audio reading. May take me awhile to finish due to me being fully blocked by school projects (anyone trying to study being a chef....may god have mercy on you, the course works a pain). That being said I'll post about the finished product with a link in the comments of Harmonic Connections and my own blog on the site along with last 2 chapters.I may or may not decide to finish it in one big push tonight. With that being said be prepared, cause chapter 2 is coming soon!

how proceed the next ch ?:twilightsmile:

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