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Diamond of Greed · 5:32pm Mar 23rd, 2018

Diamond of Greed AKA Element of Envy

Origin: One of the six side effects of the creation of the Elements of Harmony

Bio: The Element of Envydoes make ponies greedy but there is more to it than that. Most artifacts require that they be toiuched for any effect to take place. This diamond can effect ponies by mere presence. It not only creates greed but causes jealousy to ensue. Envy can become a serious problem with long closeness with the object.
This a recording from our own Princess Luna-
So Princess Luna--

Oh please, we've known each other long enough. Just Luna will do.

Alright Luna. Can you tell us anything about the physical attributes of the Diamond?

Well, to be honest, it's not all that stunning. I've seen lesser diamonds more attractive. But it calls to you if you can understand. It's lie...it's asking for you to approach it.

I see. Can you tell us anyways it might be resisted.

Anypony with enough will power could resist the thing. It just comes off as too harmless. It almost looks like a rock. Many have mistaken as such.

Hmm. Can you tell us of any events it may have caused?

I can't say the name of the town but I do recall it once caused an entire city to become rampant. For some reason obsidian makes it's effects stronger and allows it to effect a larger area, so let's just say we didn't know that at the time...as in we encased it in obsidian.

Hmm...well, thank your highness for answering my questions.

My pleasure.
-End of recording-

Danger Level: 57

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