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Horse words. Reluctant furry. Life is one long internal scream. "I love the show, but I hate the show for making me love it." - Me.

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Check Out My New DeviantArt · 7:56pm Mar 4th, 2018

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say that I created a DeviantArt account to display my art and that I do speedpaints on my YouTube channel. There's not much on either account yet, but hopefully, there will more soon.

Link to:
My DeviantArt
My YouTube channel

I hope you like them.

-Black Paint

Comments ( 7 )

Awesome. ^_^
Also how do you film? I'm curious as I wish to do that with my art just am not sure how to go about it.

It's essentially a camera on a tripod that's pointed down at my workspace. I had to edit the video a bit to make it face the correct way.

Ah I have a tripod and a camera and a phone just haven't figured the right way of setting it up, but you can fix it once you have it on the computer if it's not exactly right in filming?

If you have the software to do it. I have Adobe Premiere Pro, but I also used to work with AVS. I'm not sure if there's anything cheaper that would get the job done, but that's what I use.

Yeah I probably don't have that, how much does it cost?

I think Premiere Pro is about $20/mo. AVS is free and much simpler to use if you don't mind having a watermark, but it's also about $40 for a one-year subscription or $60 for an unlimited subscription (plus no watermark).

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