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When A Sequel's not a Sequel · 5:35am Feb 21st, 2018

[Adult story embed hidden]

EDIT: Oh hey embedding is a thing right

Hey so I didn't really want to use the sequel feature for this, because it would have made people think the other story was required reading or something and it's not. It's same continuity but not required reading.

In Princess and the Marshmallow there's a discussion about the idea of Twilight being really chill about Rarity wanting a threesome with Shining and Cadance, which a few people seemed interested in.

Cumming Between a Married Couple[1] is a direct continuation of that actually happening, because Twilight is such a good girlfriend, and also Shining and Cadance are pretty fantastic themselves.

It's doing weirdly badly relative to my other work, which is a shame because it's probably one of the better things I've written. Dunno about that one.

EDIT: [1] Previous Title: Love Without Jealousy

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I wonder if the title is putting people off, maybe? "Love without jealousy" sounds like it could be a sort of tumblerina-esque "sermon" fic on how polyamory is superior in every way and monogamous people are dumb and jealous and stupid.

I'm just spitballing, heaven knows why people like what they like or dislike what they dislike. Hell, I've seen somebody go on a rant about how Cadance should be a lesbian and they hate Shining Armor, so there's all kinds of weird possible things going on.


I mean, the alternative I thought up was "Rarity gets Used like a Chewtoy By A Happy Married Couple". Might have sold more tickets.

EDIT: Made the chapter title the story title now. Cheers for the suggestion.

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