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As you can see, my name is above me, but you can call me Displace, for short. Anyway, I am looking for writers to help me out with my stories. Also, Hamster_Master, you are not permitted to be here.

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Gentlemen... · 3:33pm Feb 13th, 2018

...I have a plan.

But, I may need some help.

You see, fairly recently, I found myself back on FiMFiction, reading old stories for the memories of this place that I once called... home.

And, during that same time, I remembered my stories.

Originally, I was going to give them away, or at least a few of them, so that they would have some form of hope with someone else, better than I.

But now... heheheheh...

I've found something.

You see, there is a comic on DeviantArt called "Springaling" by a man known as Negaduck9. I watched a Comic Dub on YouTube, and I noticed some things in it that I could use... specifically, texts from the bible, science, and other religious texts. I decided to use these in some way.

Right now... I need your help in doing so, if you all don't mind, that is.

So... would you kindly help a poor sinner, in bringing life BACK to his work?

I'll wait.

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Thank you, gentlemen. Oh, and send a message to those in the Displaced group.

Tell them that I'm gonna need their help, as well.

In turn, I will then help them in any way they can... provided, it is in my capabilities to do so.

Hmm. I always wanted to press the "Upgrade Key".

I deal with the devil daily, of course i’ll help. Of course I might need some help in return, I haven’t been as inspired as I usually am. There could be some good... benefits for you.

I have random spurts of creativity sometimes, things that would make a fun crossover, but I tend to lack the drive to complete them. I would be happy to share some of them with you when they pop up if you are interested. In return, I’d simply want feedback and ideas/help on my stories. I tend to feel like i write them into a wall and can’t figure out how to back it up. Your input would be appreciated. Dm me if ur interested

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