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My Skyrim Addiction. · 5:12pm Feb 9th, 2018

So, I have been playing Skyrim a lot recently. So much so in fact, that I have a Lvl 126 Female Nord and still haven't acquired the dragon stone in Bleak Falls Barrow. Which, for you plebs out there, having ancient or legendary dragons dropping out of the blue and killing all quest giving NPC'S in a town sucks, m'kay. It also sucks not having any dragon souls once you've collected all shouts, but then again. I can reach level 100 in five hours with the help of the Restoration Glitch Potion. All you need is Fortify Health and Magica from it and you can level up your armor and Magic ridiculously fast, same with smithing, enchanting, alchemy, and speech.

Now, to level up your two-handed and one-handed really fast, you need The Elemental Fury shout, skill points for the dual-wielding perks, a Restoration Glitch Made Fortify Stamina ring (or whatever you put that enchant on) and Shadowmere. Then turn the difficulty on Legendary, grab the Warrior Stone and sleep in an owned bed for an hour for the Well Rested Exp Temp Bonus Perk.

For one-handed, equip a dagger in one hand and a sword in the other. Then spam the dual-wielding power attack while using the Elemental Fury Shout on Shadomere. Go into third-person and watch your character spaz out a ridiculous 8-12 ATKps (depending on the sword. Use a scimitar ) if you get the rhythm right. And for two-handed, just use weak attacks with the shout.

For sneak, you can reach level 80 in an hour without ever leaving Helgan. I don't know if it is a bug, but while in Helgan, sneak levels up ridiculously fast, anyway. Just crouch behind Ralof or Hadvar with a sword and stab them. Just make sure you get the bonus damage from the sneak attack. If you don't, just back up a bit then attack again. You can also do this on the Greybeards, which is a lot easier to do by the by. As for Pickpocket? Meh, I just steal stuff from all the guards in all the holds.

Block is a little annoying to power level, however, I would use an RGE Fortify Health Ring and a giant or every guard in a town. The giant does the most damage but having ten guards wacking at your shield has a higher dps.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, because I got bored and I wanted to see how fast I could max out my character. In Ten hours of collecting stuff, doing the odd quest for certain items, and buying things, I made it to Level 126. I'm trying to max out all my Magic skill trees and I'm almost done. I just need to finish Restoration, Alteration, and Destruction. Conjuration is Legendary +0 Same with Illusion. Alteration is L+0 but needs three skill points to finish, Restoration needs four more, and Destruction needs one more. Sneak is maxed, smithing is maxed, speech is maxed, and enchant is max. All of which are Legendary +10 with the exception of enchanting which is L+0.

Just to say it, cause what I'm doing heavily breaks the game, once I've finished maxing out my magic, I'll be putting the RGE items in a box and not touching them again...unless I want to max out my other skill trees really fast. Other than that, Alduin will have to face a cunt capable of almost one-shooting Legendary Dragons with non-broken items. (Seriously, The Elemental Fury shout + Dual-wielding is the most broken thing in game. Especially with Methrunes Razor)

Anyway. not sure why I made this. So here ya go.

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You playing on on PC or PS4? If on PC you could try World of Warcraft. (just a thought)

Xbox. pc was stolen :/

Oh. Sorry bout that. :fluttershysad:

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