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Toon KritickY2K.... · 9:12pm Feb 8th, 2018

I wont go into detail, but as many of you may know, a member if the Brony Analysis community, Toon Kritick, was outed for some VERY immoral sexual actions recently, via a leak of private info. What he did was horrible and illegal, and his former partners had contacted the authorities before the leak happened.

However, Im seeing a problem in peoples reactions. They are saying that Toon's former friends allowed this and other things to happen and did nothing. They are saying that they hid Toon's actions and shut down others trying to talk about him and his sexual actions to just keep up their reputations. While Toon's actions now and past were kept from the public, I believe it was for a good reason. Dealing with a friend doing such things is scary, and its natural to try to avoid a confrontation. I feel that they kept this private because they knew Toon despite his actions, was still a human being, and didn't deserve the entire fan base harassing him. I have also watched many of their official responses, and it seems Toon lied and said he was going to therapy and getting the help he needs, when he was not. Before he crossed the line he has, Toon was still their friend, and I believe that out of respect for his privacy, a right everyone has, they didn't out him or majorly intervene until now when it was 100% necessary.

Again, what Toon did was awful, but I feel that saying that his former friends allowed this to happen is false. Hindsight is 20/20, and at the time of his past actions Toons former friends were certainly stressed out and worried, as you should be in a situation like that, and did what at the time seemed best. Again, im not in any way saying what happened is ok, but as a fanbase built on respect, I ask of you to, stop hating on normal people for having a hard time in a very difficult situation. This disaster is in the past now, and continuing to point blame at Toon's former friends for hurting the MLP communities' reputation is doing the exact same kind of damage you are blaming them for. We need to let this go, the authorities are dealing with Toon, all we need to do now is learn what we can from this and move on.

Have a good day.

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