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I am Orgnical, a unicorn mare who has dedicated my life to protecting and studying the environment at all cost. And I promote the advancement of technology. I'll also bop till I'll drop. 2016-2019

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    I think it's time to take my leave...

    I've been contemplating on making this blog post for a while now. I've been thinking of almost leaving this site entirely. I no longer find editing and writing enjoyable. The flame and interest I once had in those two subjects has been diminished. And almost every one of my internet friends I've made on this site have either left, become dormant, or are just inactive. There are still a few on

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    Who else forgets their Anniversarys on this site?

    I just realized I missed my 2 year anniversary... huh.

    Also I hope you had a happy 'Merica day.

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    Who elseis scared?

    Scared of the future... Reasons being because this planet that we're living on is going to shit and I'll VERY likely experience the worst of times in human history. Including billions of people.

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    Will any of you stay with the fandom when this releases? I don't know about me but... I think I might.

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I made my own quote... · 3:00pm Feb 2nd, 2018

At least I think I made my own quote, hopefully no one has already took this but here it is

"A man who acts like a kid can't raise a kid to act like a man" - Organical

What do you think?

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Comments ( 2 )

Why thank you for the compliment! :pinkiesmile:

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