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Welcome, i dabble in a bit of everything, as long as i get to flex some creative muscle i think i can write it.

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Real Talk · 7:36pm Jan 17th, 2018

literally me

I feel the stories I've submitted aren't good enough, and despite some sportive reception i still don't feel they are enough. I have planned on submitting the last chapters for NMH and the Rewrite for Finding my muse, but after reading over them i don't think they are good enough. Not that I'm moping, mind you. As I said, the positive feedback did wonders for my Confidence, and There are users and groups who have been very helpful and supportive. But it is my critical mind that has forced me to try again. I want to submit a story and do it right. The concepts and ideas I've done so far i am very happy with, however i feel that this community deserves something from me that up to snuff. I intend to deliver my best attempt. So until i can fix my stories I don't intend on updating any more chapters. Perhaps a few one shots between me working on the ones with many chapters.

My sincerest apologies to those of you looking forward to me finishing up theses stories. i understand ig you don't wanna wait any longer

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