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Welcome to the internet, where all arguements are invalid because we can't shove books down anyone's throats. Have a nice day.

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Good News, Other News, and Bad News · 6:27pm Dec 12th, 2017

Hello Fimfiction! I have returned from basic training. I am now a fully fledged infantryman. I am ready to get back to work on stories and catch up on all that I missed.

I'm not one for making long speeches, so I won't. I'm caught up on the show, enjoyed it for the most part. seemed a little rushed and choppy as far as seasons go, but the finale was... out there. I enjoyed it, as it may answer a lot of questions fans have been asking. However, it brings up a lot of other questions. Also pretty much confirms that Celestia and Luna are both just a little over a thousand years old. And they brought back the elements of harmony, that's gonna make some writers flip their [redacted].

I blame the movie for the choppiness of the season. Haven't seen it yet. Hope it's good. But, from what I've heard, the eighth season is going to have a full orchestra because they were able to direct some of the budget from the movie to lapse into the next season. Hoping for the best one yet.

Finally. The bad news. The Weavers of Dreams is now... a solo act. Found out my writing partner was writing some rather... wrong stuff elsewhere. Did not want my stories associated with that. The parting was mutual and without argument. So, I hope I can still deliver the same quality of work you have been given you since the beginning.

There used to be three of us. Now I am all that remains. Here's to a hopeful future of pone and nonsense.

Until further notice, I shall keep weaving my dreams for your reading pleasure.

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Comments ( 1 )

About dreams.....
Found this poem in the internet....
I think it sounds good and fits you as well seeing as you weave dreams:eeyup:

I think :P

I softly lift the pen to write a requiem
to forsaken dreams;
a love affair that never was...
not quite in step, it seems.
A tiny poem,
tinged with sadness for a love so unfulfilled;
For, I have always loved you...
and, I suppose I always will.

So many times I watched you reaching out,
when true love seemed to call;
so many times you tried to fly...
so many times, I watched you fall.
I longed to take you in my arms, to hold you close...
to comfort you;
For, I have always loved you...
but, you never guessed;
you never knew.

No matter; you have found true love at last;
and I, in truth... am glad
for you,
but, hidden by the smile...
my secret heart is deeply sad.
I always knew such fragile dreams of you,
one day, would come to naught;
But, I have always loved you...
you are always somewhere in my thoughts.

Perhaps, some distant, moon-swept night
when hollow wind is in the trees,
your thoughts may drift to long-lost days...
and, smiling soft...
remember me.
Recalling poems made for you, so long ago...
so far away;
soft echoes of a love confounded...
Whispered dreams for yesterday.

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