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How to fix the Black Screen of Death and other tips for children! · 9:12pm Nov 30th, 2017

So a little while ago my phone decided that it didn't want the screen to work anymore. The defiant little bastard flickered its last after a long, sticky, session on Tumblr, and never turned on for round two. Then again, with all the Furry ladies that I critique for artistic purposes, I think it chose to not like my particular choice of art by not turning on after a few hours of sleep-time for me.

When I awoke from my slumber (which may or may not have contained an albino anthropomorphic wolf with the body of a Goddess servicing me via fellatio), the alarm on my phone went off. When I reached over to turn the alarm off while quite annoyed that wolf muzzle wasn't engulfing my magic wand. I noticed that my phone was making noise, but no light of any kind wasn't blinding me early in the morning. Confused by my lack-of-blindness, I quickly put my phone to sleep and woke it back up.

Still no light.


Once I realized that my phone was fucked. I proceeded to try and fix it. My first attempt was a simple turn-off, dismount the battery, wait 30 seconds, put the battery back in, turn it on in Safe-Mode, and see if that did anything.

Still no light.

Double shit.

Scratching my head... I did the next best thing! And that was Google.

Search after search and nothing bore any fruit. I know for a fact that my phone never received any water damage, and I never dropped it once without its nuke-proof case. I continued my search for a way to fix my phone, but all answers inevitably lead to one thing: Once the phone goes black screen without due cause. It's gone for good.

I shed my tears on the night I knew that nothing will bring back my smartphone. Nothing will bring back Tumblr and all the lovely girls of colorful fur and majestic of thighs. My hand went non-sticky for a few days as I turned to my pc to fill view my waifu's that way, but it wasn't the same. Phone porn is best porn. A few weeks had passed and I got bored looking at my lightless phone. So I decided that it was time to take it apart and see how it works on the inside. Then It happened.

My eyes go wide as my mast goes fully erect. I penetrated the phone as deep as I can go. Feeling every nook and cranny, plate and glass. The feeling I acquired from such an intimately euphoric moment was something that could only be experienced once in a lifetime! It was there! Where the screen connects to the hardware that I found the problem! The cable that adjoins the two was loose and not from my own deep-penetration. When I saw what was wrong, I quickly disconnect the adapter, clean it, then put the phone back together.

My hands trembled as a stray finger hungrily caressed the power button for a brief moment. With a racing heart, sweaty palms, and throbbing scepter, I turn the phone back on. I waited a moment, trembling with elation, legs squeezed together; the pain welcomed and wanted. I waited for what it felt like hours for the light to turn on.

And I waited.

And I waited.


The light turned on.

I came.

After many long nights without my smartphone and my Furry waifu's. I finally figured out what had killed the love of my life in the form of a loose connector. Never had I ever felt such great joy to see my naked fox screensaver! I came again, right there.

It was wonderful.

So, the moral of the story. If your screen won't turn on and if you have any trouble figuring it out after trying all the ways to fix it (which none of them involve checking the adapters). Just check to see if said adapters in your phone came loose. It can save you a lot of money and time.

Time you can spend painting your pink towel white critiquing the Furry waifu's.

The end.

Now, in other news. Have a story idea that I'm going to use to help bring me out of writer's block. It's basically about how the citizens of Equus have to evacuate to post-apocalypse Earth (of which most of the people just are gone while a few remain looking as the many creatures of Equus) in an effort to flee from a dying planet. While on Earth, Twilight and her friends travel around a decrepit country-side with a few cities, trying to figure out what killed out the Human race while those who survived turned into; ponies, thestrals, griffons, etc.

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Comment posted by Anonymous Critic deleted Dec 1st, 2017

Welp, add yet another permanent scar on my brain. So... At least I learned something that can save my phone sometime in the future.

Nice pic of Zoe, do you have a pic of Arctica?:moustache:

Ooooooooooo Zoe is mine lol

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