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Writing is my passion... same with Coke Cola, Video Games, and Off-brand Anime

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Anime stuff. · 7:57pm Nov 24th, 2017

Have you ever watched an anime from years ago only to drop it for some reason and you don't know why? I used to be a big Naruto fan... even did the weird running thing for a while. Don't judge me! Please? Nevermind.... I can feel your cringe. It fuels my apathy.

So, I dropped it for a few years and now I hear that Boruto is a thing. Now, after watching a few episodes while catching up on all episodes of Naruto from the start, I've been given some ideas. That, and Sarada is now my anime waifu and she must be made Hokage. Screw Boruto, Sarada is best Ninja.

I have many ideas for Sarada senpai~

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Comments ( 8 )

Just because she is younger doesn't mean I can't envision her being older... baka.:trollestia:

I'm Canadian which all Japanese people love us. Seriously, wear something Canadian in Japan and people become really friendly. I got plenty of free stuff and complimentary meals because I'm Canadian. That, and I will soon own a custom Barret m82a1 soon, which I will use to hunt Moose with to feed my polar bear that lives in a mini-igloo right next to my large igloo. Kyo:trixieshiftright:


That so true, I am Quebecois. It rare we are not friendly

I stopped watching Naruto and bleach bacuse of fillers.

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