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Possible new story? · 4:13am Nov 21st, 2017


The basic idea of this story would be similar to Shattered Rainbow, but instead follows Twilight upon finding out that her life was a simulation, building off of the recent "What If?" chapter.

She continuously calls herself Twilight Sparkle, as per her simulated persona, even though she realizes quickly that she was never a pony to begin with.

The main plot of the story would likely focus on Twilight attempting to "plug herself back in" to Equestria in order to continue the life she had lived up to that point.

It's doable and it'd be probably shorter than my other stories given that it has a definite ending, but I'm unsure of whether or not I should write it when considering the plot similarities to Shattered Rainbow with the main character waking up from their own supposed life.

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