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human turns into story: Pink Diamond · 7:05am Nov 18th, 2017

(this is just an idea of ch.1 or something)

the beginning

"A human explorer, drawn by the rumors of a diamond filled cavern, goes off to explore an abandoned mine. During the exploration, he stumbles across a still-in-tact-Pink Diamond gemstone, which upon contacting, begins to transform the explorer into the said diamond."

the middle

"After the human turns into Pink Diamond in the abandoned mine (and starts freaking out), she starts to hear hard-hitting hooves echoing all around her, only to stop when met with an earth pony called maud pie, who'd found her by accident. They head back after a while of talking and introducing her to the area and meet maud's sister's friends. When she heads to the town ponyville, she decides to make her own pink rose garden in the old courtyard of the sister's castle in the Everfree Forest."

the end

"after a few days in Equestria and meeting the princesses, discord, other ponies in ponyville... she thought is going to be a normal day at ponyville... until she foundĀ Jasper"


so...I made this scene idea for pink diamond and Jasper off of my head. so if there any f#$k up in this... I am sorry.

ps. btw this can be a later chapter idea or something.

pink diamond: Jasper.

jasper: yes my diamond?.

pink diamond: there something I want to say to you.

jasper: what is it my diamond?.

pink diamond: .....I am... not 'your' diamond.

jasper: huh?.

(input music right here)

pink diamond: what I am saying is... I am not the real pink diamond.... 'your' pink diamond.

pink diamond: I am sorry I have to tell you this but all of your time spending with me I am forever grateful for it.

pink diamond: and I know you feel betrayed or lie too or angry at me... I understand.

jasper: ......pff hahaha.....

pink diamond: huh?

jasper: I guess I am not real one around here.

pink diamond: ...wait... you are...

jasper: not the real Jasper...yeah...

pink diamond: then why did you-

jasper: act like her? well... let say when I saw you... I thought it was a dream until you touch my head and realize this is real.

jasper: but when I saw your eyes it feels something inside of me it feels like you are my everything.

jasper: maybe it's because I am a Jasper now but... that how I feel to you.

pink diamond: oh Jasper *smile and hug jasper*

jasper: *smile and hug pink diamond* thank you... my diamond.

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a simple story, but a nice way to introduce Pink into the MLP world through maud pie

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