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Prerogative Chapter 7 is Now Live! · 6:05pm Nov 14th, 2017

Sorry about the delay folks, but time slipped away from me and I had to push it back a day to make sure the chapter was up to snuff for you. Not only that, but I made a last-minute decision to split the chapter in two. So while you won't get quite the same level of revelation as you did with the original (which was 11,000+ words long), you'll get a much better experience with this one and new chapters next week and the week after!

EHow Not To Use Your Royal Prerogative
After going to Coloratura's concert, Sunset gets both good news and bad news. Somepony stole her identity and is running around with her face. That's the good news.
Novel-Idea · 67k words  ·  219  4 · 2k views

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