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Tournament of Power · 5:19am Nov 14th, 2017

Okay. So you know how I've mentioned that I was going to do this odd version of Death Battle a while back? Well, I thought about it some more and I've finally figured out all the necessary parts for it to work. I mean there'll still be plenty of stuff that may piss off people who like a certain character. But at the same time I would hope to bring about as less BS than what Screwattack does with Death Battle. (At least I would hope it would).

In the end it came out to be this odd hybrid of Death Battle and Super Smash Bros where there are four characters from four different categories fighting each other. And it's the fun bunch of characters. I decided on a Team Anime, Team DC, Team Marvel, and Team Rogue (Team Rogue consists of characters from animation and video games that don't fit within the first three categories). It's basically what you would think of it. A four vs. four free-for-all between the four character categories. I thought it'd be a nice thing to do in spare time while I write out the rest of my stories. And a good break when I get bored of writing and just want to have fun.

So of course it's also not a battle to the death. So while each character is beaten it isn't as humiliating as having them die a horrible death. Other than that that's all it entails with this sort of thing. So within that Team Rogue I can literally pull anyone from a specific animation or video game. Who knows. I might even pull ponies into the fray. (Just from my headcanon so expect a lot to be odd with them once they appear).

So I hope that sounds interesting at the very least. I constantly went back and forth on this because I figured it was a waste of time. But I kind of like Death Battles... just not when they're over-analyzed like the fights are on Screwattack. Other than that progress on the rest of my stories are good so far. Even started writing on a older story idea I had a while back and I'm enjoying it. So expect a newer story sooner or later. Defined by later, I mean Square Enix years, cause I'm as slow as a damn tortoise. :rainbowlaugh: So I hope that sounds enticing and I'll see you all later!

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I personally would be interested a MLP / Death Battle / Super Smash Bros fanfic featuring the main cast and the princesses .
There was another Death Battle fanfic but it was a bit too one-sided (lacking suspense), lacking background (characters lashing at each other without known reasons or talking) and full of OCs and non-MLP characters for my tastes. And the only good Super Smash Bros crossover I have seen is basically dead, frozen before we could see any match featuring any of the MLP characters...

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