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Voices of the Shifted Six from the Different View Universe. · 11:43pm Nov 3rd, 2017

Hello everyone it's me Polaris Solarmoon andI wanted to ask you guys and girls something, Have you ever wondered just how the Shifted Six sound, well this blog will tell ya!

I made this specifically for anyone who would want to read my stories on YouTube so this will make it a little bit easier for them so here you go...

First up Glitter Brightstar, since she's as hyper as Pinkie Pie, she would sound like filly Twilight but in a mares body, she sounds the same when angry as well.

Next will be Pinkamina Dianne Pie or Dianne Pie for short, she's the only pony in the group that speaks in a monotone voice that sounds similar to when Pinkie had imitated Maud when Dianne Pie is unamused, her normal speaking voice is well somewhat similar but has a bit more emotion.

The next one up is Phoenix Firewing or Fluttersky, she's pretty much a more confident version of Fluttershy so she'd sound mostly like her but with an air of authority and confidence, she's not a bragger and is the Captain of the Wonderbolts due to her incredible speed, she had earned respect instead of trying to gain it.

Forth is Prism Shine, she would probably sound like Rainbow Dash when she had imitated Fluttershy.

Next up is Jeweled Apple, she would probably sound like Applejack but without the country accent that's now replaced with a more refined tone.

Last is Quartz Bell, she's the hardest one since she's the farmer of the group and not Jeweled Apple, so she'd possibly sound like Rarity but with a country accent.

So that's really all their voices and how they would possibly sound if someone were to do a reading of one of my stories on YouTube.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day

P. Solarmoon.

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