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Prepare to be dazzled, prepare to be amazed! · 7:02pm Nov 3rd, 2017

Again, evidently I didn't know about another unofficial Brony holiday celebrating a character, in this case... Clears throat "THE GRRRRRRREEAAAATTT AND POWERFUL TRRRRRRRIIIXXXIE!" But me being the Trixie fan I am (Even if I do think she's a bit overrated at times, it's not like she's a flawless goddess like a certain Equestria Daily mod seems to think...) So, as the title says... Let the show begin!

(And yes, I admit I'm biased towards the Twixie ship, even if I think StarTrix is a cute couple. Sorry RuinQueen.)

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Comments ( 4 )

I have not even heard of these holidays before is it official or is it just something that community does?

Hell if I know, I'm about as clueless as you are. The only way I know about these holidays is when I see blog posts or forum threads dedicated to them. In this case, it was a comic involving Trixie and Godzilla.


Poor Trixie she got overshadowed on her special day. It’s not her fault somebody choose the same day as the King of all Monsters.

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