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"Age of the Alicorns" is now alternate-universe · 6:54pm Oct 29th, 2017


As I'm sure you're all aware, we just had the Season 7 finale air yesterday and as I feared, it pretty much ruined my story "Age of the Alicorns: Chaos Rising". Before I go on, I want everyone to know I still loved the finale and am very excited to see where they go with this but it's sad that my fanfic, which I tried the best I could to make close-to-canon-as-possible, was completely debunked by it.

Long story short: Starswirl and his friends basically created the Elements of Harmony and they disappeared a while before Discord was defeated by Celestia and Luna. Both of these things are what ruined it. In Chaos Rising, with Discord's takeover of Equestria on the rise, Starswirl is still around and he's actually good friends with Discord who is still "Accord" before he turns evil at some point. So as to not give away key plot points in my story, I won't say entirely how but the part with Starswirl and his friends creating the Tree of Harmony which gave birth to the Elements is not in my story either. We will get to the part with the Elements of Harmony some time down the road. It's a pretty interesting way to introduce them even if it's not canon to the show itself but I think you guys will like it.

And before anyone asks, I'm not changing the story. I've changed a few little things here and there with each new revelation in the show that goes against my draft but this would obviously be a really big change. I could cut Starswirl out entirely but he's already playing such a huge role in this story that that would ruin it. We also still have the thing about him and his friends planting the Tree of Harmony. Basically there's too much I'd have to change so it's just not worth changing. For all we know (and this is very likely right from the get-go), Discord has always been Discord the Draconequus, never Accord the Alicorn even once. Ever since I saw the S2 premier back in 2011, I just thought the idea for this story was cool and I decided to put Starswirl in it.

In short, it's just gonna be an AU from now on. MLPFIM was a REBOOT of the old MLP after all so it's not like we haven't already had different versions of the ponies throughout the last 30-some-odd years. They keep making different continuities for Transformers and each one changes drastically. For example: in Transformers media, Optimus Prime is always the leader of the Autobots but in "Transformers Animated", it's Ultra Magnus instead. It will never be canon but AotA can still kinda have that same effect. With how much I love this story and how much I need practice writing good stories anyway, I am going to keep it as is.

Well that's all for now guys. Stay tuned on more chapters for AotA and I hope you enjoy it despite it being an AU now. :)

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I felt the same way when I watched the finale - In my story's canon, the Tree of Harmony came to be when a fallen star crashed and some magical pieces of the star grew into the tree and the Elements of Harmony

Even so, I'm staying the course I planned for my work because I tagged my story 'Alternate Universe' for this exact purpose

Season 7's finale was just a confirmation to me that to try and write anything that could be Equestrian history or part of the show is hard.

I tend to not even bother and try to feel like my stories could fit into the show. I think it gives you way more freedom.

Yeah, I'm still keeping it and after having done some thinking, I might actually be able to keep a few elements (no pun intended) of my story intact. The Elements don't come from the Tree of Harmony but the Tree does still come from Starswirl and the others. It'll be elaborated later, but I think for now it works.

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