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So I ended up quitting the season finale early. · 12:57am Oct 29th, 2017

This is normally something I'd never do. I'm the sort of person who likes to stick around with an episode or movie until the end, even if it's obviously a bomb, because hey, there's a chance it'll get better, right?

Buuuut, some things are so stupid as to be unpardonable, and a supposedly intelligent character letting an evil entity loose upon the world so that they can bring the only pony keeping said entity sealed back to life because of some crap about "Equestria would be safer with him here" falls into that category. I bugged out as soon as Twilight dropped that line.

Well, at least it's all uphill from here for the season 8 premiere.

Comments ( 23 )

Starswirl does in fact call her a dunderhead for doing that. Twi was just so caught up in "starswirl fangirl mode."

Doesn't make it any better. If Twilight did it because she was caught up in fangirl mode, that makes it worse. She's supposed to be smarter than that.

She HAS made huge oversights before. In The Swarm of the Century, she doubted a friend and cast a spell that made the problem worse (both mistakes she repeated in Bats!). In Winter Wrap Up, she cast a spell that caused more problems (which she repeated in Lesson Zero and Bats!). Don't forget what happened in Fame and Misfortune. This isn't the first mistake she made, and it won't be her last. Yes, she IS intelligent, but, she's not above making mistakes.

This was a pretty major fucking mistake though, wasn't it? And one she wouldn't have made if she just stopped to think for a moment. After all the mistake she made in the past, she should be making less mistakes, not more.

She's not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes no matter how much they learn. The Pillars of Equestria were responsible for creating the Pony of Shadows in the first place (a MUCH bigger mistake than what Twilight made).

Whatever. It was still a stupid idea of hers to risk bringing the PoS back in the first place. And I swear, if the pillars become the new recurring characters for season 8, I'm done with FiM.

How was Twilight supposed to know that would happen? She doesn't know everything. They fixed their mistake in the end, anyway. Doesn't that count for something?

Not really. It's a mistake that should never have been made in the first place.

Can you claim you never made a mistake multiple times? Twilight herself admitted she made mistakes. Nobody's perfect. Not even her idol, who was the original cause of the problem to begin with.

I never made the same mistake multiple times, no. You make mistakes so you can learn from them, not so you can make more of the same mistake.

No matter how much people learn, they're going to make mistakes. There's nothing that can change that.

Yes, and that's fine, but I at least expect them to learn from their mistakes. How many times has Twilight using magic without thinking led to disaster before now? She has to know better than that.

Twilight became a princess of friendship, but, there's still things about it even she doesn't know yet.

What did any of this have to do with understanding friendship?

It's trial and error. Twilight taught Star Swirl a great deal.

And nearly doomed all of ponykind in the process because she didn't even consider the possibility of the big evil thing getting out of Limbo.

Let me put it like this: I have quite the bit of interest in Erwin Rommel, because of how shrewd a tactician he could be, as well as how he treated his prisoners with respect compared to other Nazi officers. If I knew he was sent to Limbo when he died, I’d personally love to be able to talk to him in person if I could bring him back, simply because of how much I could learn.

But if I thought that bringing him back could also end up releasing a load of other Nazis from Limbo, all still hell-bent on world domination? Nope, not doing it. Screw how much I could learn, or even how much I could teach him. It’s not worth the risk.

Still, Twilight HAS made things worse before. But, in the end, she manages to correct it.

I understand your feelings, and hey, agree to disagree, but if we do see the pillars again, it'd be a shame to lose such a great fanfic writer over it.

Twilight admits to Starlight what the problem was at the very end and I found it very, very in-character: Twilight wanted the validation of Star Swirl's praise for what she did building on his foundations. In the end, as thoughtless as the act was, Twilight has always had an issue with needing external validation. Most of her worst blunders are motivated by this and this was no exception.

But that's a mistake she shouldn't be making anymore. It's been seven seasons, she needs to have grown out of that by now.

Personality flaws and problems don't go away so quickly. Remember, in-universe, there has been only around three years passed since the very first episode of Season 1 and, as early as the beginning of Season 7, Twilight was still looking for Celestia to back-up her decision making over Starlight's next steps and validate her choices.

There's a difference between that and not even considering the possibility that an evil entity might be let loose upon the world. Twilight might need external validation, but she is not stupid. That bullshit belongs in seasons 1 and 2, not season 7.

And what did she get out of it? Why, an evil entity being set loose! Who could have seen that coming? Helen fucking Keller, that's who.

Besides, I probably already know exactly how the episode goes down:

>Twilight brings the pillars back
>PoS comes back
>Twilight acts like she never saw it coming
>Is briefly scolded and it's never mentioned again
>PoS is defeated
>Yay, we defeated an evil entity that you set loose on the world! Friendship is Magic!

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