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  • 1 week
    Been quiet on here. Working on two stories behind the scenes.

    Still working on my big stuff slowly but to help with the slight writers block on that I'm writing pron.

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  • 1 week
    Been quiet on here. Working on two stories behind the scenes.

    Still working on my big stuff slowly but to help with the slight writers block on that I'm writing pron.

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  • 3 weeks
    Going to be going back to work soon

    Got an update on my work, its opening up soon and so I won't be here as much. Still be here a lot but I will have to take a bit to acclimate once again to balancing work and fun while not becoming a hermit- though that is partially a joke.

    Still will be nice to be back to work since about 3-4 months of doing not much besides just writing to stay focused.

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  • 4 weeks
    Working on next chapter

    Took break from writing it. But i'm back now and nearly 1k words into it so its coming at some point.

    Feels weird coming back. Had to take time off cause it got rather exhausting to write, but everything's mostly back to normal on my end.

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  • 4 weeks
    LC chapter 2 released

    Took slightly longer than anticipated since I wanted to finish it yesterday but since the site was down, I couldn't.

    But its done now. Went to a weird place. But the ending point is the same- they are off the ship and into the wilderness.

    How nice.

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Current Progress Chapter 2 · 5:40am Oct 16th, 2017

This might be a long chapter. Edit: And decently long blog post

Current word count- 3,439

Hopefully be out in the next few days, hopefully not a full week from now. That'd be pushing the ten k mark- thousand words plus is an attainable goal though so I plan on keeping that. (I only had a seven thousand word weekend because of general luck.)

But yeah since I am focusing more on the character interactions- there is going to be short scenes where sexual stuff happens in this story, but outside of actual Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash times there won't be outright descriptive sex scenes. And maybe not then- if so I'll have to work my way up to writing that kind of stuff, been a while since I tried that.

Plus its chapter 2.

They are not going to bone now. It's a romance, they have feelings for each other, but one of those slow burners, where it takes a while for them to feel comfortable saying the things in their head out loud and

Sure in this chapter there is a short scene where Lotus does do some stuff with Dash in Fluttershy's body. Mainly for comedy purposes. But its only described like in general its happening.

But that isn't the focus of the chapter and its done like in chapter one, where it furthers the plot or informs about the characters somehow. Was the Pinkie walking out with Twilight gag a silly and pretty much inconsequential thing? Of course. But it was used to add some levity and spice up the story while not spending pages upon pages going into a sex scene.

Similar in tone with the memories- I could have spent time building the world of memories each memory being a scene but that would get stale and too much in my opinion. Plus memories are something that pop up and disappear, sometimes lingering, but memories can be false or misremembered or maybe a feeling of an emotion you felt or a thing you experienced jutted out the most.

Most people do not have perfect recall.

I see the use of those kinds of stories of course and there is always a place where the sex scene is the focus, but that isn't the way I tend to write. And you don't need to always describe in excruciating detail a sex scene. After a certain point, there's only so many ways for describing body parts being body parts. Let your audience do some imagining.

But yes characters come first.

Though I have to say this is the easiest time I have had with a story. Which is either me jinxing the rest of the story into a slog or stop which I hope to hell not because I want to keep this 1000 word plus daily train going and it feels good to do some slice of life stuff.

Which I could add to the story tags but I always see Slice of Life- in my personal opinion- as more humorous and jokey focused. Or at least that's how I've tended to use it.

This isn't that always. And the plots I have might get more drama than the haha silly premise of body swapping.

But yeah in this chapter I want to wrap up the first day. Which I see the spa scene taking a few hours real time, like 12 to 3 or 4 because Rarity would of course like to gossip, then maybe a scene where Dash realizes she'd have to get her mail delivered somewhere since she's in effect grounded with Fluttershy being outright too excited being able to fly to fly anything beyond capable of completing Dash's job like a normal pony with extreme mental effort. So no flying like a maverick yet.

But that means that if I think of Chapter 1 and 2 occurring on a Friday- because Twilight's problems occur weekly it seems and also that Twilight is at least courteous of her friends actual lives and schedules, and track record, she wouldn't pull a test on a weekday, that gives Dash the chance to give her at least some pointers before going to work in her place and Fluttershy a chance to give Dash some pointers.

Though going by general American post office rules cause that is what I know that would mean weekends are mostly non starters for most mail sure things do appear but it seems like there's peak times. Saturday would be in this case for Equestria the one day on the weekend, the mail service would want to stay open on those rare weekend packages.

So at some point in the chapter Dash needs to change her address for the moment to Fluttershy's and also get her things and her pet cause leaving that stuff in her cloud house is a no go for me.

I feel like I just overthought the way a day goes.

So hopefully I get the stuff I want to do in this chapter now within a hopefully 10 k limit.

With how its been going, probably.

I may be wordy when I feel like it but at least I know how to stay on task.

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slow burners i like. And I would be happy to be able to sit back and read a big chapter from you.
So most of what u said in the post sounds pretty good.

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