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Why We Die Update: A More In-depth Explaination of Ash/Yveltal · 2:59pm Oct 14th, 2017

Joker here. Well, after watching this episode of The Dex about Yveltal

I realized that I should probably refine what exactly Ash has become since he's merged with Yveltal. You see, Ash/Yveltal, being a fusion of the Destruction Pokemon who's pretty much death incarnate, and a true hero who's saved the world multiple occasions, is something of an anti-hero who walks the darker side of that gray line of hero and villain. Ash may be in the driver's seat of the creature he's become, but he's become far more darker and maybe even more of a villain than he was before his unhappy little accident, but none the less, is still one of the good guys, although he uses... less-than-heroic tactics to save the day. Although, when Serena/Xerneas joins Ash/Yveltal, Ash is able to at least edge towards the brighter side of the gray line, and become just that much more of who he used to be with Xerneas helping to keep his vast darkness in check.

Make sense? Well, I should get back to work on the project, then I've got work.

Stay perky.

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