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So...what's up with the Season 7 Finale? (Spoiler Warning) · 11:58pm Oct 9th, 2017

So I've watched the new finale and I've come across a bit of a continuity error, and I'd like to hear your thought?

okay so, these guardians of harmony people(including starswirl) are the ones who created the elements right? And they created them RIGHT BEFORE being trapped in lebo. BUT Celestia and Luna defeated Discord using those same Elements and based on what the show has stated Starswirl was STILL AROUND after Discord

so if they created them, how could Celestia and Luna have possessed them BEFORE they were created?

Comments ( 3 )

As I pieced it together, the timeline would look like this:

-the windigos are defeated by the FIre of Friendship and Equestria is founded
-Star Swirl and his gang play hero in the young realm; somewhere along young Celestia and Luna show up and the old geezer who fights monsters all day still finds time to tutor them
-the crystal seed is planted
-the Pillars and the Pony of Shadows are trapped in limbo without doing the limbo
-Discord shows up, causes chaos for an unspecified amount of time, and is subsequently turned to stone by the now-adult princesses
-Tirek and Scorpan show up and their plans are thwarted by Star Swirl, who befriends Scorpan
-NIghtmare Moon and everything else happens afterwards

So the problem wouldn't necessarily be the Elements being used before being created, but rather Star Swirl being around after disappearing forever.

If that is a case, the solution would be a rather simple one:
The unicorn who befriended Scorpan wasn't Star Swirl, therefore Star Swirl never showed up after Discord's defeat, and the problem is (mostly) solved. After all, while that unicorn was implied to be Star Swirl, this was never explicitly stated in the show.

I think this would make more sense than the self-righteous, arrogant jerk who believes all villains to be beyond redemption befriending a literal magic-eating monster.

Okay well, it says STARSWIRL befriended Scorpan, so until they clarify its a big problem. I in turn give a counter theory: Hasbro doesn't really care about continuity, what they CARE about is giving a moral for an episode, and selling toys. So this error can be attributed to the writers....just being lazy

It doesn't say it's Star Swirl, actually. The image shown looks a lot like him, but Celestia and Luna never dropped his name.
Of course, the show's creators clearly intended it to be Star Swirl, which would present a continuity error.

That the writers messed up and that Hasbro doesn't care is beyond question. I was just trying to make things fit aside from that.

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