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Jedi Knight Ria - concept · 3:57pm Sep 26th, 2017

New concept for my new character Ria! So far, I have no last name for her but she is an Arkanian and I wanted to try out some colour schemes for her. I'm leaning toward the first one (probably because it was the first one I did) and I made 8. for the hell of it! Cos why not?

So to anyone who sees this, pls let me know what colour scheme you think works the best and I'll go from there and refine down! 

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Comments ( 4 )

Pureblood Arkanian or Offshoot variety? Because pureblooded Arkanians have human-like skin tones, but three-fingered hands. Offshoots, meanwhile, have five-fingered hands, but alabaster skin.

Excellent design, though. :)

Pureblood Arkanian
And thanks ^^

Gonna be real honest and say that the pure-blood Arkanian hands always gave me the creeps, but that's still an excellent Old Republic Jedi design. :)

they are creepy and a bit awkward to draw ^^'

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