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August Rush(ed) · 4:53am Aug 29th, 2017

Hello, there everyone; it's me, Fireflower with yet another new announcement: for those who had been staying with me, I had been going on hiatus infrequently due to fighting battles at college, and by fighting, I mean struggling to keep my head above the water since the start of the new year like before; what's different is that I'm taking the semester off to recuperate like I had done last year except in the fall. So far it has been uplifting for me since I've managed to finish War Orphans' Wishes this year; speaking of some unfinished business in general, I'm pretty sure that you were all waiting for the next installment after it but I haven't gotten around to it due to some academic attachments that needed to be dealt with. Now having said that, I have been able to pace myself and get focused; anyways, this post should serve as a update to tell you what I am behind on and how far I've came: since that I'm here and a month over of an anniversary, let's begin.

First, my first multiple chapter collaboration, Parasite Adam, which had been finally finished after over a year's worth of writing that should have been done in over half the amount of time spent on our dearest hero(in)es is currently in the midst of a rewrite; of course, you've already known the details anyway in the last blog. While that the story thereof still up there in its fully completed and updated form, I am nonetheless itching to make up for the damage in the initial edition; as tempting as the sequel might be there is the matter of two factors in question: one is the fact that the title for the hypothetical sequel is still undergoing a few slug names and the other is the matter of addressing some unfinished questions regarding the story at large. Perhaps, the least that could be said about Parasite Adam is that it's better than my second story; on the other hand, considering everything else that I had posted since a few years ago, there was no excuse for letting my emotions get the best of me whatsoever.

Next on the list is what the future will bring in my announcement: while that I have said that I'm going to keep writing soon, I'm going to take a break from writing in general for a small amount of time to see how everything will go in my neck of the woods. The hypothetical sequel to War Orphans' Wishes, one in which will focus on Applejack and her friends adapting after the war following their strife, is still on the backburner as of the time of this very blog; unlike the previous story, which has been tame compared to its predecessor, Ocular Spectral Therapy, it'll go back to the times of flashbacks and nightmares. Vicissitudes and whatnot, we could all take solace in the fact that no matter how bad things may get, at the end of the day, they are just stories, nothing more or less; however, these stories can paint a picture of how war itself is a part of humanity and the world we reside in currently.

Lastly, it has come to my attention that Friendship is Magic is getting the motion picture treatment, not like the Equestria Girls movie; as such, I like to say, 'let's wait and see how this goes on from here'. It's no surprise that the My Little Pony franchise is due for another movie and considering the fact that Lauren's influence has saved itself from further ridicule and disinterest, it would basically leave its audiences with high expectations, even rivaling if not, surpassing the likes of the Spongebob Squarepants movies. One thing is clear though: I wish the cast and crew well and that they live long and prosper; after all, unlike Teen Titans Go, they have earned this one.

Goodnight and I do hope that we get to meet again soon: this is Fireflower signing off for now.

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