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The Worst Animated Movie Ever Made: Where The Dead Go To Die · 3:44pm Aug 28th, 2017

The Worst Animated Movie Ever Made: Where The Dead Go To Die

There are certainly a lot of bad animated films out there. Foodfight, Norm of the North, the Animated Titanic films from Italy, and The Emoji Movie are just a few of many titles that may come to mind when you think of truly horrible animated features.

However, there is an animated movie out there which somehow manages to be worse than all of these movies combined. You may it is not possible that there is an animated film out there that somehow manages to be more vomit-inducing than Foodfight; one of the lowest of the lows in the world of animation. But that, my friends, is where you would be wrong.

Allow me to introduce you to a film called Where The Dead Go To Die. It's a film about a Satan dog thing that goes around convincing random people to kill other people for various reasons in order to turn them evil while claiming to be 'the messenger of God'. Yes...that is really the plot of the film. I'm not making this stuff up.

There are people who have reacted to the entire movie on YouTube. A lot of people throw up, feel sick, and even suffer a mild form of emotional trauma because of the graphic content, copious amounts of blood, uncensored adults themes such as one scene where a character pulls out their own guts, undertones of incest, and just overall disgusting message of the movie.

Here's a review to get some perspective on just how bad this film really is.

Where The Dead Go To Die is basically a really crappy attempt at making an 'edgy' horror movie with animation software as opposed to being shot as a live-action film. But the plot is so bad that it really couldn't pull off being a live-action movie either. The person who directed it only did so as an excuse to promote the music in it, which didn't even go with the scenes it played over in the film. Whenever the film is brought up these days, the director just brushes it off as an 'art project' and moves on to other discussion points.

Now listen. I am not an edgy film critic. I actually give all of the movies I watch a fair chance. And I tend to like many of the movies that other people do not like because I have a very open mind about entertainment.

I realize that the internet has been taken over by film critics who seem to be angry at anything that has been made after the year 2000.

I think the people who complain most about entertainment being better in the past are typically the people who get caught up in putting things on a pedestal and not really allowing for modern films to be classics as well.

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that approach for entertainment critics because, well, it's kind of their job to hold things to certain standards.

But at the same time, I think it can limit critics in a lot of ways because they can often get stuck in a rut of saying that only classic entertainment will ever be good, and their content will become stale because of their inability to have an open mind about modern entertainment.

You kind of have to have a good balance between liking classic entertainment but also having an open mind about new projects that are being released.

But then again, people have a very hard time adjusting to change. This is why many artists in general never get recognized until after they've passed away. They were too advanced for their time and society in general wasn't quick enough to catch up with them.

Getting back to the topic at hand, I am not bashing Where The Dead Go To Die to be edgy or to lament that 'there seems to be no good entertainment these days'. I am talking about it because it really is that bad of a film. And it deserves every bad review it gets.

But don't take my word for it. Look up people's reactions to the film on YouTube. There are quite a few if you search for them. You will quickly see for yourself that this really is the worst animated film ever made. You will practically be begging to watch The Emoji Movie on replay after watching this utter pile of garbage. And that is a statement in itself.

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I looked up that movie....I wish I hadn't....


I say we send it to the Nostalgia Critic, as much as I'm a bastard for suggesting it, I like to see Doug suffer. It's funnier that way.

4650686 I am so sorry that your poor eyes had to see that abomination. T^T No mortal should ever have to gaze upon this utter filth. I send you my deepest condolences.

4650697 Watching The Nostalgia Critic react to this would make my life. :') We should totally convince him to review this. Since he refuses to review Foodfight. <_<


He already did!!!! XD

4650725 Wait...he did?? How did I miss this?? <_<

It may be funny, but do we really need to see Doug explode because of it?

It was horrible! What sick bastard would make this?!?!?

4650746 Someone who apparently has a lot of deep-seated issues. And also who isn't very good at directing an animated film. Which is, eh, kind of a bad combination. :L

4650759 Kinda? That's definitely a bad combo!

4650782 It is indeed. :L

4650788 Somebody should take this movie out to a pasture, tie it to a post and non-mercy shoot it up!

4650797 There are too many copies of it online, though. It will haunt the internet forever. T^T

4650895 I know right? I crie everytim. :raritydespair:

That movie looks so terrible

4654064 Not only does it look terrible, but it IS terrible. T^T

4654653 I feel the same way. T^T

4655241 Usually it has to do with lack of funding, inexperience with directing animated films, unedited/ raw movie scripts, bad voice actors, bad music, and other factors.

It seems like a mix of all are attributed to the worst of the worst.

4655292 This is very true.

I've never actually seen Where The Dead Go To Die and I never will, but I've researched it and I've seen the reviews for it. It seems to me that the person who made it is legit mentally sick; like, seriously sick in the head. :pinkiesick:

4718893 I agree. The dude is definitely a few tacos short of a combo plate. :L

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