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Audiobook Posting Schedule · 12:14am Aug 17th, 2017

First - I've been reading everyone's comments on the audio version of Pirene. You guys are amazing.
Thank you so much for supporting this enormous endeavour. :fluttercry:
I'm incredibly lucky to be working with Ether Echoes, the mastermind behind Pirene and its universes, on this, and Illya Leonov (aka Morgan Freepony), who has brought so many fics here to life with his beautiful voice and warm narrative style.

On to the audiobook -
Illya Leonov has uploaded the first four chapters to his Youtube channel.
New chapters will be uploaded every Sunday.
Once Youtube catches up to Bandcamp, I will start uploading more new chapters every Sunday evening for download. :)

Starting this upcoming Sunday (August 20th), the audiobook will also be broadcasting on Luna Radio on Sunday evenings at 5:00 pm.


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