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October Updates: Manehattan, MoM, and (A)mnesia · 3:59am Oct 5th, 2018

With much encouragement from the author to keep up the work on the Pireneverse, it's my delight to announce that I'm producing its sequel, Three Nights in Manehattan. The first chapter is ready to go and on Youtube and Bandcamp, linked below:

Together with Illya Leonov and Neighrator Pony, we're splitting the work of narration and major character voicing, with the help of fantastic pones Wuten, Scribbler, Goombasa, and Cloud 9. 💜

The majority of voiceover work is already done - all that's left, really, is putting the whole thing together. With the first chapter finished and marked with Ether's wholehearted stamp of approval, we're going to leave it on the back burner during the rest of the month to leave room for Month of Macabre festivities.

And on that subject: I've started game streaming! Together with my friends Cloud 9 and itssopanda (both amazing artists - check them out on Twitter and deviantART) we are streaming a playthrough of the famous horror game Amnesia: the Dark Descent throughout this month, with the goal of finishing it live by Halloween night. Our next stream is scheduled for the 10th at 8 PM Eastern time on my channel - be sure to keep an eye out or subscribe to our feeds to stay in touch about upcoming streams.

In addition to the stream, I'll be posting spooky little oneshot fic readings throughout the month - small ditties to whet folks' appetites for the macabre whilst standing as supplement to the streams and others' creepy creative work throughout the season. I'm working part-time now, which leaves me a little more time to put projects together, but energy for something as exacting and time-consuming as Rot tends to be scarce even so, especially around holiday time.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone throughout the remainder of this year~ 🖤

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