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The Cold Hand of Mercy Audiobook · 9:48pm Jul 15th, 2018

Hey folks! After several months of work, I'm pleased to announce that a download of "The Cold Hand of Mercy" in its entirety is ready for free downloads on Bandcamp:

During the production of "Through the Well of Pirene," it came to my attention that some folks like to listen to audiobooks in situations (driving, gardening, the middle of the desert ;P) where accessing Youtube to listen isn't always the best idea, even though it allows for enormous file uploads - so I've set up a Bandcamp page for free, safe downloads with the audiobook metadata already taken care of, and which allows you to choose the file type if you want to conserve space. :3

In a couple weeks I'm going back to the grind with another multichapter adaptation - this time of Three Nights in Manehattan with the help of Neighrator Pony, Illya Leonov, and a whole host of other fine folks <3

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Looking forward to it ^^ was a fun ride :)
Also... is there a way I can get you to va in one of my projects? Asked on twitter and will try not to ask too much, but figured here the question be easier to access :derpytongue2:

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