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I've been thinking about maybe writing something entirely original. · 10:28pm Aug 13th, 2017

If you haven't realized, I've essentially been using fanfic writing as a way to improve my writing skills, partially so I could try making something completely original, and partially so that I'd have some sort of fallback if something happens.

One of the more obvious stories in which I tried to be a bit more original is Lab Horse and Space Horse, with Equestrian Human tying up the series as of now, but also returning to a much more closely-linked relationship with MLP.

Currently, I've got a few short chapters of a spinoff of Lab Horse written, but even though it passes the minimum word count requirement, it currently has little to no relation to MLP at all besides the fact that Gadget dies and is "recreated" as an AI using the logs.

I'm still pretty wary of jumping back into original stories just because of how cringey my previous attempt turned out to be, but I'm still pretty much sitting on the fence at this point.

Also, I've occasionally contemplated the idea of converting my Lab Horse series into an original series by tweaking some characters and scenes, and completely replacing Equestrian Human.

I don't know.

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