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Thinking of good things not bad and happy things not sad . . . · 12:11pm May 24th, 2017

Time for a little slideshow dedicated to VHSFan2003 Productions and any resident of Connecticut, as well as the alumni of Connecticut's big radio station WTIC-AM, then owned by the *T*ravelers' *I*nsurance *C*ompany, who lent the station its name.

Part One:
We have the last few seconds of an NBC News report (yes, network radio existed in the '70s) with ads for a Buick Opel (thought it was spelled Opal at first)

Then we have a (really lengthy) weather report from Barbara Allen, the station's long-time weatherwoman (accompanied by a PSA for Project HOPE, which is unconnected to the Chinese organization of that name)

We have Arnold Dean opening Sunday Showcase. It features two versions of the title theme from the musical TWO BY TWO (one of the later Richard Rodgers works and which debuted a year prior) as played by the Ragtimers and by Danny Kaye/family. Both recordings are now the property of Sony Music, who are non-threatening in terms of copyright claims. Kaye also sings the opening tune from the musical, "Why Me?".

Part Two
. . . picking up from where we last left off, we have the cut immediately following "Why Me?" entitled "Put Him Away."

Arnold Dean then plays a comedy routine from Bill Cosby regarding Noah's Ark, which you should kindly skip if you get triggered by him.

After a brief ad for the (local?) program TOWN & COUNTRY, we're back to TWO BY TWO, and this part features what Mr. Dean feels is the funniest song from the show, "You Have Got to Have a Rudder on the Ark".

An ad for (then) WTIC-TV3's broadcast of a Hockey match between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Maple Leafs follows a portion of the forecast from earlier.

Part Three
Arnold Dean introduces Joan Copeland's singing about "An Old Man" . . . made obvious when Danny Kaye exclaims that he is "90 Again".

A brief ad for the Hartford Police Department is followed by Dean's playing of a couple of cuts from the late Red Nichols, both of which are lifted from the film named for his group THE FIVE PENNIES. I'll let Dean bring 'em up.

Part Four
After a pop-culture-reference-laden salute to Jack Benny on his 77th birthday, the entire B-side (part of it?) of the Columbia Masterworks recording of the show TWO BY TWO (S 30338) is played.

There is also a quick ad for Hartford Home, Savings and Loan.

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