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Using interrobangs for good and evil.

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    Being a god of Chaos is fun. Really fun. Alchemy-lab-filled-with-bubbles-and-foam fun. Unfortunately, it tends to make social skills and knowledge of proper interactions a little rusty. How does an god woo a mare? Well chaos lessons and Disco.
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  • 9 weeks
    Let's start 2023 with a bang. Or maybe just a chapter.

    Hi folx,

    Guess who's back with news for once. It's me. I am. And I bring a new chapter of Warp. It should pop in a few days, a week at most. I hope you enjoy it, despite the long wait.

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  • 22 weeks
    Still Alive

    Hi folx,

    It's been almost a year since my last blog post... I wasn't even sure I'd ever come back. It's been a weird couple of years and it will probably be a few more, but I miss writing. I miss my stories and I want to finish them. So here's to hoping that this time, I'll be able to get back to them.

    Hope y'all are well. Stay safe, stay strong.

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  • 73 weeks
    Some news and things to come...

    Hi guys, gals and npals.
    It has been: a while.

    This blog post will be short and to the point. As you might know, I was thrown in jail for a couple of months. It was a pretty traumatic event and it forced me to move from the town I'd lived for almost a decade with limited financial or organisational help, and add an extra layer of administrative bullshit to the mix for good measure.

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  • 101 weeks
    Welp. Sh*t happened.

    Hi guys, gals and npals!

    It's so weird to be there again... I've been thinking about what I would do a few time but now that I'm actually here I'm not sure how to proceed... Well I'll keep it short and to the point.

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  • 127 weeks
    The serotonin machine broke

    Hello guys, gals and npals!

    This will be a short blog post.

    There will be no chapter of Three's a Crowd this week because I'm taking a break. To compensate, I will try my best to provide not one but two chapters next months (on the 22nd and 29th of November). This will be my NaNoWriMo of this year.

    Stay safe and take care of each other!

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Illustration for Disco Dancer (at last) · 2:06am May 20th, 2017

The title is self-explanatory.
I did it myself. I'm very proud of myself.

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