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It's up to North America now... · 9:57pm Apr 27th, 2017

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has been out for a week now in Japan and already things aren't looking too bright for the game. Without a doubt it has crushed the weekly sales compared to all the other games coming out this year by being the number one best-selling game in Japan right now.

But do NOT be fooled by this! As of right now, Shadows of Valentia has had lower sales in its first week than the previous lowest-selling Fire Emblem games: Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem. To put it in comparison for you guys, Shadow Dragon had roughly 144,900 copies sold in its first week, New Mystery of the Emblem had roughly 136,360 sold its first week, and Shadows of Valentia has had roughly 131,670 copies sold as of its first week out. That means that in Japan, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valantia is less popular than remakes no one gave a crap about.

But here's the difference between then and now.

Now Fire Emblem has a GIGANTIC fanbase here in the west. If Nintendo still plans on selling the game out west (Which is highly probable because why wouldn't they?), there is no doubt it will surpass Japan's first week sales and then some simply because almost every Nintendo gamer in USA and Canada loves Fire Emblem for one reason or another.

So buy the game! Give Intelligent Systems the money it deserves for making such an amazing remake!

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Comments ( 16 )

I'm already planning on buying it

I shall do as you say my lord, for although I am one of many North Americans, every one counts.
(After I buy a new 3DS, mine broke.)

I'm trying to save up for the Switch and Destiny 2.

As am I.
I'm particularly interested in this game because I always like experiencing new ways to play something like Fire Emblem. Additions like dungeons and no weapon triangle are things that fascinate me.

Nuuuu! I still don't have a New 3DS! Stop being better than me!
(even though my sister has one...)

Unless you meant literally a new 3DS in which case I apologize.

As am I... in regards to the Switch. Here's a box of all the shits I give for Destiny:

I can't say I'll pick it up right away, already got plans for the first month of summer. But I AM gonna pick it up at somepoint. Damnit, I won't let what happened to Valkyria Chronicles 3 happen to Fire Emblem!

4511988 I mean, a remake of the VERY FIRST Fire Emblem, which I think also had "Mar-Mar"

4511990 In this case, both are true. my 3DS has been broken since Smash 4 came out, and only recently I've been able to get enough money to by a New 3DS.

I have money to spare. sure, I'll purchase it.

S'good game. No shitty Avatar, no incest, no fan service, no terrible plot, nothing like that. Just an incredible game.

Yus! Thanks a lot, famarino!

For the record, I jumped on board with Awakening, at least 3 of those things I remember being in the game. (Though perhaps the terms for Awakening are, Decent Avatar, fanservice, and dumb but still fun plot.) I've been itching for a serious game for a while, so this sounds up my alley.

Unless we're talking Fates with that statement. In which case, I didn't buy it because I hated the idea of paying 100 bucks for "the full experience". Plus I just wasn't a fan of stories that involve betrayal, though I'll admit "Nohrian Scum" has become my new favorite meme.:rainbowkiss:

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