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I'm ded lol. Fuck you, bronies.

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See ya later! · 6:41pm Oct 21st, 2018

No, there's no joke this time, no trolling or misleading information; this time I'm serious. Well, as serious as I can possibly be anyway. ;)

I've thought about this for a long time, and the truth is that I'm done with this site. Starting next week, I will no longer be active here. As much as it pains me to say it, there is quite literally nothing left for me: I'm no longer a brony, I no longer write fanfiction and my blogs simply aren't getting any attention anymore. That last one is a little subjective, lol, but it is kinda true.

Ever since I stopped writing stories, the only thing keeping this page on was my blog posts. While those did keep me afloat for quite a while, the numbers in views have certainly started to diminish. Perhaps it's because of my sudden name change or the fact people have moved on, but most likely it's because I'm barely on this site anymore already. My last post was in July, just put that into perspective. That's excluding the review I posted a few days ago on the Bug Fables demo as a test to see just how many people were still interested in my content.

Do you want to know how many views that got before I deleted it? Five.


So what's changed? Well you've already seen that I've changed my name back to SuperKamek as I want people to remember me by that name, even if I go by a new name now. I'll be keeping most of the blogs throughout the years as a record of my time here, both good and bad. I've also deleted all of my stories as I no longer wish to be associated with them. Having said that, even I don't have the heart to truly be rid of them. They're still safe with me, they're just no longer publicly available.

DO NOT think for a second that I regret my time here because of this though. Through this godforsaken site, I have met some of my greatest friends; truly some of the most genuine people out there. I hope that we can continue being friends somewhere else, maybe Discord or whatever. If you want to stay connected, shoot me a DM with your Discord tag and I'll send you a friend request or something along those lines.

I have one hope and one last request before I leave. My hope is that in my short time on this site, I managed to inspire someone or help someone through a bad time. That sounds VERY pretentious, I know, but whatever I may have said in the past my one goal on here was to make people happy. Even if it was laughing at me for my stupidity or ignorance, I'm glad I was able to make your day brighter.

I've already seen a story inspired by my own works (which you should totally check out by clicking here: CLICK THE LINK DAMMIT) and I'm grateful he found something he likes making through me. It's just a pleasant and warm feeling, y'know?

My final request is that you support a little indie game called Bug Fables, developed by Moonsprout Games. As you probably realize (which if you do, then why the fuck am I telling you this), I'm a huge fan of Paper Mario, a series of which the recent games are kinda garbage. These beautiful motherfuckers are making a spiritual successor to the original game, including turn-based gameplay, action commands, witty humor and so, SO much more! This game means a lot to me and I'd really appreciate it if you take a look at it. While you're no longer able to financially support it until it releases, you can still support it by checking out and following their Twitter, Tumblr, Indiegogo and Discord pages.

Tumblr: CLICK THIS (link to their discord is available here)
Indiegogo: CLICK THIS

Even if YOU yourself don't find any interest in it, tell a friend who might! Spread the word as much as you can about this game! The devs need all the support they can get.

Well... That's all for me. I'll still be on here for at least a week so I can reply to everyone who reads and comments on this blog. I'm unbelievably grateful to those who stuck with me for as long as they did, but the truth is it's simply time for me to move on. This is the end of a fantastic chapter of my life, and though it was a slow demise it was in the least bit painful. Through all its ups and downs, I'm glad I got the chance to meet you all. I don't know what the next chapter of my life will be, but I'm... well... I'm more or less ready anyway, lol.

Maybe we'll meet again someday down the road; maybe you won't even know it's me, but just maybe. Until then... See ya later!

(PS -- That picture of the guy walking away is really funny to me, I dunno why)
(PPS -- EA still sucks)
(PPPS -- Nintendo, get your shit together)

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Well. That sucks. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Best of luck with everything in your future, and keep it real.

Well then, see ya later!
Kinda sad to see you go. Your blogs are the place where I started to regularly leave comments, which for me was the start of a great journey down the deep rabbit hole that is this site. A very deep hole. I think I'm still falling...
Not to mention you were also what got me into RWBY, which I fell in love with. I even became a regular in a RWBY discord server from this site, where I met some really great people.

So yeah, thank you for essentially being the start for many great things I experienced through this site (like playing Mario Kart against DrakeyC and Albinocorn, holy f***)


(PS. Dragon Maid gifs are always good with me)
(PPS. Eeyup, EA still sucks)
(PPPS. A new good Paper Mario for Switch would be great)
(PPPPS. Oh yeah, my name on Discord is also Marwile, who would've thought)

Aww. You take care, bud. Best wishes to you. :fluttercry: *snugs*

While it’s sad to see you go I completely understand, time can change a person and what they are interested in. But before you leave I want to thank you for all you done for me. For your Monster Hunter story that’s among my favorite story on this site, for all the hours we played on Monster Hunter 4, for putting me and my brother’s OC in your story, for inspiring me to write my own stories, for the memories we had, and most of all being my friend. So I bid you adieu and best wishes for what might come next.
Till we meet again old friend.

Well it was nice knowing you.

My favourite story of yours would be the Monster Hunter 4 crossover. It's sad though you decided to take off all your stories, but your choice.

I wish you good luck in all your future endeavours. Farewell friend.

Hey, thanks man. Always trying to keep it as real as humanly possible!

I am so unbelievably grateful that I managed to make your life all the better by introducing you to so many things. I'm glad I was your friend, and I'm glad I still AM your friend! Although for Discord, I'm going to need your # tag as well. You can post that in DMs to keep your privacy safe with me, hence why I suggested it.

Bug Fables won't be on the Switch as of the time writing this comment, but it will be available on steam sometime in July of next year. Be on the lookout for it!

Thank you so much!

That's really sweet, man. Thank you so much for being my friend as well!

But, uh... This isn't goodbye, lol. We're friends on Discord.

Well ultimately (pun intended) I simply didn't want to be "that guy who wrote a lot of terrible pony fanfiction". Thanks for sticking with me all this time though!

I completely forgot about that. :twilightblush:

Alright then, see you later and take care!
And whatevery you’re gonna do next, I hope you’ll succeed on you endeavors!

Yeah, I hope so too. Thank you! :)

were going to miss ya :fluttercry: but best of luck to you :pinkiesad2:

See you around, someday. It's been a pleasure.

Sorry to see you go. You’ve been around longer than I have, so it’s sad to see you heading out. I definitely will miss having you around.

We’ll meet again someday down the road

I sure hope so. :twilightsmile:

Take care of yourself, good fellow.

We may have had our ups and downs, but I'm truly glad to have met you. Thanks for everything you've done for me, man.

I hope we'll meet again soon too. It's a small world this planet of ours, contrary to the fact it's a giant round asteroid with plants and animals on it.

I will. Thank you!

So that's that, eh? Wasn't much of a responder to the blogs, but more often than not I did read what was put up because it was interesting, entertaining or both. Have a good one.


Well, if this is goodbye, I wish you the best of luck.
It was a pleasure knowing you, though I hope this isn't the end.
Also, i did check out the blog you deleted, it sounded like a promising game

I really do appreciate you sticking around, it means a lot. And thanks for the piece of music, it was really nice!
Until then!

Thanks for always commenting on my blogs the best you could. No this isn't the end for me, but it is the end of my time here. And like I said, maybe we'll meet sometime down the road! Who knows?!

I sure hope we can meet down the road

I just have this to say. I'll be seeing you my friend, and someday down the road may we find each other again. It's been a joy seeing your stories, and a joy talking to you. As one character says "This isn't goodbye, its simply goodbye till next time". So until we meet again I wish you a good future my friend.

I honestly couldn't have said it better myself, man. Thank you for all the support over the years, it really does mean a lot to me. And more importantly, thank you for being my friend.

May we meet each other one day down the road.

I've already seen a story inspired by my own works (which you should totally check out by clicking here: CLICK THE LINK DAMMIT) and I'm grateful he found something he likes making through me. It's just a pleasant and warm feeling, y'know?

:pinkiesad2: *sniff*
Thank you! I'm sad to see that the inspiration for my project has vanished from this site, but am grateful for the spark it gave me. That annoying question: "What happens next?", and knowing that it would never be answered drove me crazy enough to write my own story. Especially since there was no other Digimon crossover like it on this site.
The process is slow, but I promise that I will do everything I can to see that Digimon: A New Legacy of DigiDestined is completed! And I'll always remember that your story is what lit the fire under my ass to attempt this in the first place.
Farewell SuperKamek, and good luck in all your future endeavors!

You just keep on doing what you love, mate. Past today, I won't be on this site anymore... I think, I'm pretty sure I'm all done. However even though I'll be gone and unable to comment, know that I'll be keeping watch on your story until the day it's finished, and hell maybe after it's finished too! I've already read though all the chapters and I'm seriously excited for more.

Take care, and thank you for all the support!

hope they don't come to collect they money from the ice map bet

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