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I am the bubbliest, most outgoing, extroverted introvert. I stare at the other person's shoes when I talk to them. If I had my own soundtrack, it would be Pomme de'Amour I by Rene Aubry.

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Music SIG Likes #44 :: Alestorm · 2:41am Apr 26th, 2017

Pirate Metal.

Pirate. Metal. Just take a moment to savour the delicious barminess.

Alsestorm is an interesting combination of power metal with folk metal elements mixed in all wrapped in bombastic pirate-themed theatrics. Never before did I imagine I would ever utter the phrase "heavy-metal accordion".

(Beardie - ???)

Walk the Plank


Magnetic North

1741 (The Battle of Cartagena)

Mead from Hell

Quest for Ships


The Sunk'n Norwegian

Barrett's Privateers



Black Sails At Midnight

Wolves Of The Sea

Over The Seas

The Huntmaster

Set Sail And Conquer

Feel free to reply and post anything that you enjoy!

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Comments ( 3 )

Alestorm. Aww yeah. :moustache:

I keep not having time on my home computer to go dig up some Swashbuckle songs to post back with, but they've been our home's pirate metal band of choice since seeing them live back in 2010. Certainly Alestorm is of quality as well, though; and if memory serves, they've been more prolific.

Of course the other fun thing is that Alestorm did a Swashbuckle tribute song... :pinkiecrazy:


some Swashbuckle songs

That certainly is interesting. I see they go more for the "thrash metal" route versus "folk metal". I will have to see if I can add a selection of their songs to our playlists on the production floor at work...

Thanks for the suggestion!

4512086 No probs! Indeed, some of Alestorm's stuff skews heavier, but that's pretty much Swashbuckle's starting point.

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