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Wanted · 5:58pm Oct 2nd, 2012

A competent person to edit stories for release on Thursday.

Attributes needed

-Able to pick up and correct spelling/grammatical errors that I miss. There will be a ton.

-Able to be contacted throughout Wednesday and Thursday of this week. If I send you something, I at least hope to get a response that you got it within the hour, and the list of corrections a few hours later after that.

-Must be capable writers themselves. Preferably decent writers on this site. I might nitpick brains on how a scene sounds or if the tone is right, or if the story is moving too fast or slow. If words sound right, or lines, or even dialogue ect.

-Honesty. This is huge. I need honest opinions and honest ideas. I need to know whats weak and what you honestly think of the story, and how it'll be perceived.

-Patience. I am a flighty, self-doubting and hesitant SOB, especially when someone is reviewing. I will call stuff crude and criticize the [Buy some apples!] out of the story. Your job is also to smack sense into me before I do something stupid like an entire scene or try to "fix" something when its perfectly fine and doesn't need tampering.

-Discretion. No sending unfinished drafts to your friends. No chatting about it in IRC. No spoilers, no hints, not even saying what characters are in this! The story will be published a few hours after you get it, but all the same, secrecy is appreciated.

-A sense of humor and seriousness. Must be able to tell what is funny (and how funny) and what is serious. Some jokes might need reinforcing.

The payment for your services is, of course, in the lump sum of 500 Equestrian Bits. Meaning if a portal ever opens up to Equestria, I'm going to owe alot of money to somepony. XD

All applications or offers to help my sorry ass should be directed via PM. Please for the love of Luna, help me.

(No, I'm not doing this cause John Perry and I got into a fight or I'm replacing him. But these stories are gonna get posted on Thursday even if it kills me, so I'm tapping into other sources. Chances are, I wont be able to contact John tomorrow or Thursday, so might as well try my luck!)

Everyone else... I'll see you on Thursday!

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Comments ( 10 )

tempted to apply just for the chance to preread :pinkiehappy:

I'd offer help, though I'm more a general proofreader than an editor. But I work Wed-Sun 8-4 PST so my availability isn't as flexible as you need.

I would, but I have none of these qualities except for discretion. :fluttershysad:

I would as well, but I tend to be more of a proofreader. I just usually edit what i happen to catch. :fluttercry:

I would do it, but I'm a bit busy thursday. Too bad...

I must encourage you to speak more positively of yourself.

I would, but being on a different timezone would probably cause problems.

i would have loved to a couple months ago but im in the military now... kinda eats the shit out of your time. good luck on finding a good one.

damn, if i';d read this sooner i would've offered but i suspect it's too late to be needed now. Though i'm happy to offer for in future. Keeping in mind that i'm not a writer just an editor. Though i have folks i've helped before you can ask about me and i'm fairly sure they won't say anything too incriminating

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